Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snaking during work..蛇王!

No lah. It was my break hour. i went to boulevard to eat and then after eat still got free time go shop shop lo..lols..i finish buying my CNY clothes go play play only..haha. My new profile photo is one of the clothes i tried on. I tried a few. put the photos at my facebook later... lols..

Night time snake... go to the back of my stall and trying very hard to concentrate on the terrible singing competition there. (Boy, those people really do have COURAGE to go on stage and sing like that)
Suddenly, many people was running like they were in a war towards the road nearby. I went to see what the comotion was anyway..haha..too time bah!! I AM NOT SNAKING OH!!!!

oh....try to look closer in front of that red kancil???? It's POLICE!!! no wonder la...everyone run like want to win olympic like that...Polis giving saman lo!!!It's not only one or 2 polices only, there were a whole big bunch of them!!!

wow...police marathon...

jpj and police all meriah... and after a few minutes, all cars are gone, all because of that paper which worth RM70!!!! The police's last chance to earn money for this year i guess...
everyone见钱眼开,见saman车开。 typical malaysians la....

p/s: 3 more days of work!!! :D

I saw something really interesting!! (Must see!)

This is what i saw...
muahahahaha...super interesting right??!!! In front of the stall..guess what izit??
lols..touch it with finger...

Mr Soon's Motivation Talk

I went to Master Soon's motivation talk in my school yesterday. Luckily i was having night shift yesterday that's why i can go without any much hesitation.(though i had so much trouble writing the "I want to be an Exemplary Prefect" essay the night before) The junior prefects are joining us. It's great to meet them for the first time.

As most of us thought, it's gonna be those boring old talks that will DEFINITELY make us asleep in no time, it's totally opposite at all!!!! Mr Soon is a speaker from Johor who wrote a few books already (You can click on the link on top there to see his blog). He is this middle aged man who is ever so humorous.
First, he made us laugh UGLILY...(is that how u spell that worD??? hahaa)
Then he made us clap word beats.
Next, he made us sing and dance weirdly!!!!BLlurred photo..took while dancing. The white shirt one is Mr Soon. THough it was totally embarasing dancing like that in front of so many people, it wa very very fun!!!!! Enjoyed it very much.
Instead of just telling you what to do, his way of motivation is a bit different. He uses stories to wake us up. I must admit that i dooze of a little bit in the afternoon (less than 1 minute ok!!!) but i think if it was "something" else, i must have been in deep sleep the whole day..from 8am till 4pm.
Here something for you guys, a sneak peek of what he told us:
  1. 今天的你是过去总和; 明天的你是今天的设计。
  2. 当你在追求“我的理想”,请回到“理想的我”
  3. 树的方向由风决定,人的方向由自己决定
  4. 最宝贵的权力-选择
  5. 有翅膀的人要飞翔,有梦想的人要圆梦
  6. 你可以知道一个苹果有多少颗种子,但你永远无法知道一棵苹果树能长出多少个苹果
  7. dont judge a book by its cover
  8. dont repeat the same mistake
THere's lots more we learnt that day cant list all out.

Lunch Break!!
kissing???? who izit??? me???

We also played a game that afternoon. Stack up chair see who's the highest..
Our group's tower!!!! That's ai ling..haha

super happy i went to that talk!!!! A golden opportunity to learn!! hope to see Mr Soon again!

Holiday readings

It's only 5 days left till school reopens. I did not do much study cause i'm madly reading story books..hehe. This is my share on books i have read and my favourites. Something to share lo, in case you are finding something to read too...

6 books i have finished:
  1. Boy2Girl ( a hilarious book about gender confusion of a teenage boy. Bought at Kinokuniya, Singapore)
  2. Ways to Live forever (Based on true story, a journal of a boy who had leukimia at his last days.. super touching. Bought through shcolastic order.)
  3. Who moved my chesse ( A motivation story that is suitable for all age. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Bought at MPH, Kuching)
  4. Marley And me (A true story about a golden retriver and his owner. It's sure be the most loved books for dog lovers. I read till i couldnt stop crying and laughing at the same time. Bought at MPH, Kuching)
  5. The Five Person You Meet in Heaven. (A book who had lots to learn about, mostly about what we missed out in life. Present from my brother. Dont know where he bought it. But i know it's from Kuching)
  6. Di Simpang Jalan (This is just a @#$ kiddy story. About before merdeka stuff. I'm just way too bored when i picked up this book.)
I am currently reading THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA by C.S. Lewis. There are 7 books of it. !@#$ thick that book. it's like Kamus Dewan. I am currently in the 3rd book, The boy and His Horse ( i think not sure about the title..lols..) The movie that is shown is the 2nd book. 4 more books to go!!!!

Ok, now about my favourites..I read kiddy books most lols...dont know i just kinda stuck to them
"My Kiasu Life in Singapore" by Ee Lin See. It's a girl's letter to her BFF (best friend forever) in Bukit Mertajam while she went to singapore for high school. It's very funny and you sure can learn a lot from it too...

And these are my jacqualine wilson's collection!!! childish. it's sort of kids books..some are for teenages though. It's so @#$% expensive ok. So i cant buy much. I started reading it since i was form 1 when i found her book in the school library. There's so many books i havent got!!!

So..there you have it. My holiday case anyone STILL THINK i am reading textbooks at home. wth...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cute Christmas Cupcake

This was suppose to be posted weeks before christmas but since so much stuff came up i just couldnt make it on time. :(

This was a stuff i bought on my trip to singapore last month...a christmas cupcake kit!! hehe..for about $6 only. a reasonable price. It makes making cupcakes ever so easy :D

there's cakemix. christmas decoration make of sugar, metal-like deco balls and icing sugar.

To begin with:
1. Mix the cake mix with 1 egg and 3tsp of butter. Stir well until it is well mixed. Then add about 5tbsp of water.

2. Put the mixed stuffs onto the cups.
3. Put into the preheated oven and baked at 180 degree celcius for 10-13 minutes.
4. Leave to cool
5. Add a little tiny bit of water with the icing sugar and pour onto the cupcakes.
6. wait for it to set and then put the decorations as you wish!!!
7. ready to serve!!!
cute le...hahahaha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Header

Just created a new header for the bloggie. It's a very very simple header but not be brag, a little cute. haha.
will not reveal it today since, it's for the new year. Maybe putting up on either 31 Dec or 1 Jan.
Ok la, super cute. Lols.
Meanwhile, i'll put it back to the old one since christmas is over. :D

What's with the relationship stuff?!

Remember i said a guy at my work place named Nick? (It's my previous previous post..)
Well, after working with him for a week plus, yes, i find he is quite a hardworking person and also at the same time, he's got BIG problem either.
You see, he's 16 years old, like most of us here are. You couldnt believe it when u first saw him cause even when i say he is 30, you'll believe. But that's not the problem. He's been doing quite a lot of talking with us, (me and shin ning) and so, we knew quite a lot about him by now.

He's 16 ok. remember that. He:
1. smokes a BLOODY HELL LOT! dont know how many packs of smokes a day. ( i cant stand smokers)
2. goes to pubs. drinks beers.
3. when into jail before, even just for a few hours before he came out again.
4. drive illegally
5. was once playboy ( though i cant really figure out why izit. maybe my insulator is too thick)
6. 离家出走 lots of times.
7. stops going to form 4 and 5 like us. (He's in private college now)

Ignore those, it's a common issue anyway. (No, i dont mean i do those stuff too) He's a hardworking person and kinda of a gentleman too since he dont mind helping us set up the stall everyday and buying presents for people around no matter how much they cost him.
But, there's something he like to talk about - RELATIONSHIP!

Everytime he sees a girl (an above average looking one), he wont be like shy shy or doubt like that..he just go over and ask for numbers. Well ,this is the first one i've met before. You must have though he has tonnes of girlfriends already but he said he WAS a playboy but not now, and he has no girlfriends now. Ha, hard to believe. (but i knew he secretly has a 干妹妹)

He told me there's one girl he just met yesterday ask him if he wants to be her 101th boyfriend. omg....

Well, teenagers nowadays. It's always the boyfriend girlfriend stuffs.

p/s: i'm a 怪胎 and my insulator is too thick so none of these are associated with me!!

Said the wrong stuff...

have been to work as usual today. Half of the working period is already done, left another week to go..means another week till school reopens. I KNEW, I AM SURE that this is going to be a


SUre it is, when SPM IS HERE less than a year from now...I am so not sure what's going to happen before, during and after that OMG-SO-IMPORTANT exam.

Oops, out of topic.
What i'm trying to say today is i said something v ery wrong at work today. Even though i dont mean it, it freaks me out after i've said it. It was my colleague standing in front of the counter, trying to act as a customer. He asked another colleague, how much is that jokingly. There were lots of people going thru and fro that time though no one is paying specific attention at us.

I was trying to continue his joke then i say,“ 要买就买,不要买就滚!” (If want to buy then buy, if dont want then go away!) I was only joking and who knows, it comes out of my mouth so loud. It shocked both of them.
One of the customer was walking past and then he suddenly look at me...omg...
He's so gonna smash my head off. Then he walk towards me and then he....

Nah. Nothing happen. He just look over and continue walking.
Though nothing really happen but i guess it shocked all 3 of us there..And i dont believe i said that myself either. (I mean i never thought i will say stuff like that.
I'm gonna zip my mouth now. Trying not to be so talkative next time.

Thanks for the pressies that day guys!!! :D and of course the birthday wishes...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

A very MErRy MELI MERYY MEli me memememememe llliiii ryryryryyryr christmas to alll!!!!!!! :D

May God Bless you on this great season of HIS!!!!
Enjoy yourself!! And remember to go to church!!! HAHA!!

p/s: that's a present from my colleague..and a little birthday wish to myself too haha. I'm finally 16!!! MUAAHAHHAHAH!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super good tactic for business

ever wonder why those promotion on the streets uses so much balloons..i mean, their not selling balloons anyway and i wont buy the ballooonn anyhow or i dont think it will affect my will to buy, except..
the KIDS

dont look down on those little creatures..they have the ALMIGHTY power for almost anything. Once they shout,"I WANT THAT BALLOON!!!" despite whatever the thing their selling. Hah, here's the tactic. The parents will ask, can u give me a ballon. The salesman will say, "You buy one then i give ur child one lo.." Then the kid keep shouting, I WANT BALLOON MIIIIII I WANT BALLOOONN!!! Kids under 12 years old..almost all are attracted. The poor parents will bo bian..and then buy the item!!!!!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 hours standing non stop under rain & sun

How mulia....
my leg really aches now, badly. Really, staring from 11am to 11pm, standing there, non stop, under the sun, i only had 1 hour lunch break and skipped my dinner...
my legs are killing me....
full days are do !@#$% terrifying..
thank God that i call it an off day for my birthday or else u're gonna see me crying and standing there...apuh..
really really tired..

First, it was hot like hell. Then it started raining. =.="

Now, i set a DEFINITE ABSOLUTE SYARAT (CONDITION) for my future occupation:
1. it must be air conditioned
2. i must be seated most of the time
3. i dont work FREE for overtime
4. i only have to face IMPORTANT people, papers, computers, money and cheques. No sticky drinks all over...=.="
5. When it's rest time, i get my rest.
6. when it's off time, i can go home. SHARP. (of course i'll be at my work SHARP on time too)
7. when i talk to you, you dont ignore me! !@#$ those people...i'm not invisible. (dont see me like u saw a ghost and wanted to ran away, I AM GIVING U FREE FOOD MAN, you complained everything is too expensive, now i am giving u FREE food yet u acted so cool and so on.. blah u!)

that's the 7 golden rule. I rather be UNEMPLOYED than lacking ANY ONE of those....

guess i am not suitable for not air-conditioned jobs. i need PAPERS and AIR COND.

Friday, December 19, 2008

First day of work at Pesta Boulevard

!@#$% i've been lost from the internet world for 3 days now...hahaha...because i was so mad on the new Sims2 i just installed..and i worked today!!!
Actually i have off day on my christmas at the end cause my mom MAKE the manager give me off day. BIRTHDAY GIRL SAYS IT ALL anyway...Today is the work day at the boulevard fair. It turned out to be very fun!! I started the night shift today from 6pm till 10pm but i overtime 30 minutes...blah
I am in the Shoyuemi stall (find me there!!) being a promoter really isnt easy at all. because when you approach people with FREE FOOD, they'll give you all sorts of weird
1. smile smile smile silent walk away
2. totally ignore you (WTH U!!!)
3. Take your free food and then say,"okla, later i buy."
4. Ask their children to take and then walk away
5. Buy one... :D
6. Buy ALOT
hahahaha, even though i didnt earn the money they buy, but it really makes me happy when i see people buy..dont know why, some sort of achievement feelings i guess.


Oh, what make the whole things fun is the colleagues i have there. They are so so friendly and humorous. There's one lady there called Ah Ngo, she keep making me laugh like when the promoter from other stalls shouted," LADIES LADIES, WE HAVE PROMOTION FOR THE PASSION BRA TODAY AT VERY CHEAP PRICE ONLY RM1.50 ONE!!! MURAH! BRA MURAH!!!" i cant stop feeling very weird about that then the promoter continue,"LOCK LOCK HAVE PROMOTION TOOO!!!" then ah ngo keep this also funny meh. Lock lock is only a container..what so funny..The she said, she thought lock lock is a type of bra which can be lock!! WTH THIS LADY, WHAT'S IN HER HEAD...OMG....
Then there's nick, a part-timer like me. Ah ngo also told him that. I cant stop laughing then nick say, LAUGH WHAT U ALSO WEAR BAH! I answered, NO WAY I'M WEARING CHEAP ONES LIKE THAT!!" =.="
super funny....

It was a great experience..Learning to promote and talk to strangers there...And of course, learn to close a stall at the end (although my leg sores very much). Tomorrow i have a full day there!!!!

p/s: I will make sure that the cable for my phone is found as soon as possible!!!! so many great photos..even christmas cupcake recipe!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

SOME people nowadays..haih...need to be "reteach"

As i went to my favourite fast food restaurant in town (The one starting with a "M" and ends with a "d"), i was happily thinking i'm gonna tapao a foldover..3.15 pm, good, the time with no people and of course, not much queues. There's actually 3 counters there but only 2 were opened. And there's actually 3 cashiers there, 2 squeezed in one..Nvm them, my point is not that.

So i queued at the one with only 1 Malay couples in front of me...walao, they bought lots of stuff, I MEAN A LOT...i think i saw they paid RM98++ Spending nearly RM100 at this restaurant is really freaking..haha...

Erm, that's not the point either.

So as you can expected from the amount they paid, the food amount must be large. I've waited for such a long time. Then, comes a bumiputera middle aged woman with her young daughter. Her daughter was going to the closed counter, and so she follows...Then the restaurant's cashier push a STRAW BOX to the counter and walk away. They got the hint and stand there...




I kept my anger and politely tell her, "Excuse me, you cut into my line..."
Instead of apologizing, guess what that !@#$% moron answered...
She said," But just now my counter close so i come here.."

It's obviously you're the one cutting the line ok..wwat more..she tried to accuse me cutting into her line instead. @#$!@#

She should not be cutting straight into the line when her freaking counter's not my fault so she shouldnt blame it on me...She's suppose to go to the back of line and queue up again! Who tell her to be so soi, or should i say, SO BLIND, to choose a counter which will close, no, ALREADY CLOSED!

and this is what her poor daughter learn from her cut other people's queue and blame them. Hmmm, poor girl...She just stood there, looking quite confused. That's what she learn from her mother.
for a francois that big and known all over the world, they should have a proper sign that says the counter is closed INSTEAD OF A FREAKING STRAW BOX...=.=" who would have known a straw box means closed!!?? (well, excluding me cause it's obviously...closed with no cashier there..)
wth...annoying tapao experience...

Queuing up properly is like the first thing we learn in KINDERGARDEN. It just really pisses me off when people dont know how to queue. And i think there's something that need to change in Malaysia's "queuing system". what we practice commonly here is that, how to say...for example, when you go to a toilet, you queue up for only one room. And it doesnt matter if other people come out first, you only can go to the room you are waiting for. Well, i dont really know how to describe this but if you go to the public toilet here, you'll know.

I think we should practice something that is commonly practice in Singapore - their queuing system. It really surprise me when i saw how they queue up, even in shopping malls toilets!!!
They line up in one line no matter how many toilets there are. Then whichever toilets is free to be occupied again, the first one will go first (since he/she waited the longest). DON'T YOU THINK THIS IS MORE FAIR????

So, hope the QUEUING UP SYSTEM can be change and thus, we can teach the youngsters better way queuing and,
such idiotic incident like above wont be happening that frequently again!
@#$%!@# it still irritates me...=.="

p/s: after my computer reformat something happened to its bluetooth thingy..cant send photos to my computer now so have to wait till i found the cable or the thingy is good again. I got so much photos to post on!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

T-T Money hard to earn

I got a part time job first job ever as a promoter at a fair in BOulevard..starting next week. It's good cause the salary is kinda high..but then..I also want to cry already!!!! Christmas eve, Christmas and new year still need to work full day!! From 11am to 10pm... T-T my 16th birthday that...finish liao...
Money really hard to earn la...
Public holiday and birthday still work...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reformating computer

Yeap, my laptop has been sent for reformat..because it has been ever so bloody lag lately and i think it might be seriously affected by spyware and adware or something but i dont think it's virus cause my antivirus stuff didnt say anything..haha, i dont know la. It has been sent to reformat since tuesday but it will be back tomorrow!!! (That explains why i didnt update these few days right?)
Yipee! I got some more photos to be upload on..
So stay tune!!!!! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

2nd Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

Remember this? The first christmas tree hunt i ever did...all the outrageous tree i could found in singapore....and here it is! The
2nd Annual Christmas Tree Hunt


swaroski crystal's

is this counted as a christmas tree?? Orchard Road

On Orchard Road
(forgot..sorry..really sorry...)




the Central, Clarke Quay

Orchard Road

Bugis Junction


Bugis Junction

A spectacles shop in Bugis Junction

Bugis JUnction


( a bit dissapointed lo...our country's most prestigious towers yet the christmas tree not done yet..left alone half done there.. :( )


The Curve

The Curve


That's it for now...I'll try to look out for more "interesting" christmas trees around! an early Merry Christmas everyone!!!

See you on 3rd Annual Christmas Tree (2009)!!!

p/s: leave ur link if u have post special trees on ur blog too!! I would like to see.. :D

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A plant with 2 types of leaves-MUTATED

This is not a photoshop product ok...It's real...the plant i found with 2 types of leaves, one flat broad and one small little leaves..Are these plants suppose to be like this or is it mutated???

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My New Born BabY!!!

very cute ho?!!!! small small one...
that a closer look....with so much fur on his face???
I bought some clothes for him when i went to cute..haha..

Part 2 - KL!!!!

So here i am, back in Malaysia...Kuala Lumpur...I reached here by 12am something and the busy is still busy as usual...But i never realised, THE AIRPORT IS SO !@#$% FAR AWAY FROM THE CITY!! 1 hour plus bus ride to reach...=.="

Looking around out the window...
nice view right??? klcc shinning in the distance..
then suddenly...
what's that? the light in distance?! look like a disc or something...
i was so's taller that klcc and menara and one notice that big disc shaped stuff there?!
after freaking out and keep asking around...
it's genting highland la, sakai.
=.=", let's go shopping in midvalley. Not much stuff to see..but i bought a dress..which i'm going to wear on chinese new year, so wanna see??!!!


a snap in the taxi
I found out that not all taxi drivers are as what they always describe - greedy, cheeky, liar..blah blah negative comments. Some are, very sweet indeed, giving help whenever needed, very responsible, fight for the "pengguna" rights and so, i guess it's time to reevaluate the taxi drivers, righT?
my cheap..only RM6++
view outside. KL always rains..=.=" practically everyday
haha..very funny. =.=" in mark and spencer..

the poor people's way to glamorous...Fitting in the changing room and then take photos...haha!!! shhh..dont tell the shop people.. :D
outside klcc

Then, i went to the so called "SPACESHIP"...GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!!

Here's a little tip for those going, on the way to cable car station, stop by Gohtong Jaya, there's a chocolate factory there for free tasting!!! :D they have really nice durian chocolates only available there!!!
cable car up..the longest and fastest cable car in south east asia..
first world hotel lobby
and here's a new friend i Mr Monkey.
rides!!! I only go for thrill kiddies rides please! I secretly snap these photos which when i was suppose to be grabbing the handers tightly...Kids, Dont TRY THIS AT HOME!
erm...i can tell u i was cheating in the's not scary at all haha!!!
wanna try extreme ones? go gold coast dreamland's G-Force!!! HAHA!!!
i'm back..seee..i'm still smilling
this is the ride i wanted to go on since i was small but i couldnt cause i was too short last time..
random snap by mom. i'm not ther, quit searching.
forever love, i guess..kiss until got plants and fungus there
this is the stupid water ride which made me wet!!! I MEAN TOTALLY WET!!! I forgot to bring any extra clothes and it's dawn time and it's very windy and it's freaking cold!!! I was shiverring like hell...
bought a new pants at the end..
night time...clouds coming down
outside of first world hotel. We didnt stay overnight there..

Next day, IKEA and The Curve!
demo kitchen in ikea..haha
the curve's deco
the street..they have very nice lighting and raindeers stuff...and of course lots of fine place to dine in too!!!!
random snap
Another day!!!
i spot this ferrari..hehe..the first real life ferrari i ever saw..super cool..
(i saw F1 before but this one is much cool hehe)
watching the BOLT!! 3D!!! very until cry..haha the specs we are using are DOLBY 3D o..damage or lost one cost RM200.. :)we went to dine in Dragon-i that night..SUPER NICE! recommended!!
their service is very China liked..i mean the super fast and good service.

piggy tao sha pao!

pomelo manggo pudding!

the chefs!

"The street" in the curve

I went to at least twice each place i visited in KL. didnt have time to visit Bintang Walk and Sg wang lo..
I went back the next day!!! Finally, back home after 12 days trip..:D

Next on: 3rd Annual Christmas Tree Hunt!!! (Hunt area increased!!! SG and KL this year!)