Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 hours standing non stop under rain & sun

How mulia....
my leg really aches now, badly. Really, staring from 11am to 11pm, standing there, non stop, under the sun, i only had 1 hour lunch break and skipped my dinner...
my legs are killing me....
full days are do !@#$% terrifying..
thank God that i call it an off day for my birthday or else u're gonna see me crying and standing there...apuh..
really really tired..

First, it was hot like hell. Then it started raining. =.="

Now, i set a DEFINITE ABSOLUTE SYARAT (CONDITION) for my future occupation:
1. it must be air conditioned
2. i must be seated most of the time
3. i dont work FREE for overtime
4. i only have to face IMPORTANT people, papers, computers, money and cheques. No sticky drinks all over...=.="
5. When it's rest time, i get my rest.
6. when it's off time, i can go home. SHARP. (of course i'll be at my work SHARP on time too)
7. when i talk to you, you dont ignore me! !@#$ those people...i'm not invisible. (dont see me like u saw a ghost and wanted to ran away, I AM GIVING U FREE FOOD MAN, you complained everything is too expensive, now i am giving u FREE food yet u acted so cool and so on.. blah u!)

that's the 7 golden rule. I rather be UNEMPLOYED than lacking ANY ONE of those....

guess i am not suitable for not air-conditioned jobs. i need PAPERS and AIR COND.


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Faye said...

0_0' question:
you're actually NOT in the BUILDING?
I thought promotions are always under the roof. you mean you're doing the promotion OUTSIDE those tents they set up?