Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cute Christmas Cupcake

This was suppose to be posted weeks before christmas but since so much stuff came up i just couldnt make it on time. :(

This was a stuff i bought on my trip to singapore last month...a christmas cupcake kit!! hehe..for about $6 only. a reasonable price. It makes making cupcakes ever so easy :D

there's cakemix. christmas decoration make of sugar, metal-like deco balls and icing sugar.

To begin with:
1. Mix the cake mix with 1 egg and 3tsp of butter. Stir well until it is well mixed. Then add about 5tbsp of water.

2. Put the mixed stuffs onto the cups.
3. Put into the preheated oven and baked at 180 degree celcius for 10-13 minutes.
4. Leave to cool
5. Add a little tiny bit of water with the icing sugar and pour onto the cupcakes.
6. wait for it to set and then put the decorations as you wish!!!
7. ready to serve!!!
cute le...hahahaha

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Faye said...

0_0 you make all those all by YOURSELF?!


Hehhehehe...next time MUST get you sponsor during class party! =P