Friday, December 19, 2008

First day of work at Pesta Boulevard

!@#$% i've been lost from the internet world for 3 days now...hahaha...because i was so mad on the new Sims2 i just installed..and i worked today!!!
Actually i have off day on my christmas at the end cause my mom MAKE the manager give me off day. BIRTHDAY GIRL SAYS IT ALL anyway...Today is the work day at the boulevard fair. It turned out to be very fun!! I started the night shift today from 6pm till 10pm but i overtime 30 minutes...blah
I am in the Shoyuemi stall (find me there!!) being a promoter really isnt easy at all. because when you approach people with FREE FOOD, they'll give you all sorts of weird
1. smile smile smile silent walk away
2. totally ignore you (WTH U!!!)
3. Take your free food and then say,"okla, later i buy."
4. Ask their children to take and then walk away
5. Buy one... :D
6. Buy ALOT
hahahaha, even though i didnt earn the money they buy, but it really makes me happy when i see people buy..dont know why, some sort of achievement feelings i guess.


Oh, what make the whole things fun is the colleagues i have there. They are so so friendly and humorous. There's one lady there called Ah Ngo, she keep making me laugh like when the promoter from other stalls shouted," LADIES LADIES, WE HAVE PROMOTION FOR THE PASSION BRA TODAY AT VERY CHEAP PRICE ONLY RM1.50 ONE!!! MURAH! BRA MURAH!!!" i cant stop feeling very weird about that then the promoter continue,"LOCK LOCK HAVE PROMOTION TOOO!!!" then ah ngo keep this also funny meh. Lock lock is only a container..what so funny..The she said, she thought lock lock is a type of bra which can be lock!! WTH THIS LADY, WHAT'S IN HER HEAD...OMG....
Then there's nick, a part-timer like me. Ah ngo also told him that. I cant stop laughing then nick say, LAUGH WHAT U ALSO WEAR BAH! I answered, NO WAY I'M WEARING CHEAP ONES LIKE THAT!!" =.="
super funny....

It was a great experience..Learning to promote and talk to strangers there...And of course, learn to close a stall at the end (although my leg sores very much). Tomorrow i have a full day there!!!!

p/s: I will make sure that the cable for my phone is found as soon as possible!!!! so many great photos..even christmas cupcake recipe!!!!


Faye said...
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Faye said...

lol....aren't we all like that when we are being approached by promoters in the shopping mall?!


zulxone said...

the first few days the bisnes are very very slow...and always rain..make the enviroment of the pesta is not very good...jalan2 ada air...aiya..