Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2008 Vacation Trip (Part 1)

Finally, i'm back, rested and ready to get on my blog again!!! i've been wanting to post up these photos badly but i'mm just too tired and keep dozing off these few days...=.=" So, here's my 2008 year-end trip to singapore and KL!!!! 4 days and 3 nights in singapore and 7 days in KL.

The airticket this time is quite cheap cause we used the tiger airways!! WOOOHOO!!! I just found out that the day we boarded the plane is only the second day since they started their service of kuching-sg. Good good..very cheap....haha

And we stayed in People's Park this time which a freaking cheap apartment like room..for 100$ per night. It was super big!!! With 2 queen sized bed and 2 singles..with a bathroom..quite cheap though not exactly the read hotel service la.but it's ok.. :) You can try searching for places to stay like this next time, it's really worth it!

So it's nearly christmas and we are so eager to start out christmas shopping!!!! First stop, ORCHARD ROAD!!!
Angels in Plaza Singapura

Orchard road has been the centre of christmas attention every year. Excited to see how Orchard Road has changed to this year??!!
There you have it. this year's theme is some kind of "happy family" theme which i could quite get what it means..It's like a kiddie story character with 5 family members..and of course, lots of cute stuffs...they have the whole street decorated in candies!!!! SUPER CUTE k..Licking the candy!!!every trees along that street is decorated with extra larged sized red bows!!!

they also have this cute candy houses...but you can't actually open the doors..
frightened! compare the size of that burger with my head!

Had lunch at Carls' Junior..I amazed myself this time cause i actually finished the whole combo set by myself, the super larger burger, fries and 2 cups of sprite..super happy!


weird protest on the street..WHAT FOR THEY DO THAT?? I mean, Bush is retiring soon also..=.=" Better dont talk much about these politics stuff..
paragon's, if i'm not wrong...
Tang's. So happy to see tang's theme this year cause they have this verse from the bible shinning bright outside their building..
tang's toys house..haha..still not too old to play with toys :D
And here's the main thing: The arch! The centre of the street, the main attraction..quite nice ho..

The next day..I went to church with my sis...It was very interesting, visiting churches in other countries, seeing how are they doing...And, it was very funny cause this church is also called GRACE METHODIST CHURCH! Exactly the same as the one in miri..:) The session i went start at 11.15am, mostly for youngsters which i think is quite good cause normally i couldnt wake up very early on weekends... :p haha, lazy me..
Night time, we went to eat Japanese pASTa which is so !@#$% expensive..whatever...and went to CLARKE QUAY!!!!!!! I saw a super nice pink gothic lolita dress at 69$ but didnt buy it..kinda regret now..haaha...OH ya, see the construciton like thingy up there? That's a bungy ride..very very cool!! I wanted to play but my mom wouldnt let me..fine, next time i come by myself and play.. :P

this is just some weird stuff on table of J.C.O in Bugis Junction

And on the last day, we spend the whole morning and almost the whole afternoon doing some beads stuff with swaroski crystals!! Very nice, which i will talk about in my future posts cause i am still so obsess with it now..

Then we went to Holland Village!!!! Remember that singaporean drama He Lan Chun (Holland Village)? It was shooted here...It's not like hollywood or anything like that la, just a normal residential area but with some very cool restaurants around..hehe
here's the significant view of the place.
You can saw lots of ang moh in this, i guess "Holland Village" suits the place...

Next stop: KL!!!!!

p/s: Can't find any christmas tree photos? Cause it's in the "ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TREE HUNT" post coming soon!!! It's the 2nd hunt! And the trees are getting more and more!!! :D

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