Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday readings

It's only 5 days left till school reopens. I did not do much study cause i'm madly reading story books..hehe. This is my share on books i have read and my favourites. Something to share lo, in case you are finding something to read too...

6 books i have finished:
  1. Boy2Girl ( a hilarious book about gender confusion of a teenage boy. Bought at Kinokuniya, Singapore)
  2. Ways to Live forever (Based on true story, a journal of a boy who had leukimia at his last days.. super touching. Bought through shcolastic order.)
  3. Who moved my chesse ( A motivation story that is suitable for all age. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Bought at MPH, Kuching)
  4. Marley And me (A true story about a golden retriver and his owner. It's sure be the most loved books for dog lovers. I read till i couldnt stop crying and laughing at the same time. Bought at MPH, Kuching)
  5. The Five Person You Meet in Heaven. (A book who had lots to learn about, mostly about what we missed out in life. Present from my brother. Dont know where he bought it. But i know it's from Kuching)
  6. Di Simpang Jalan (This is just a @#$ kiddy story. About before merdeka stuff. I'm just way too bored when i picked up this book.)
I am currently reading THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA by C.S. Lewis. There are 7 books of it. !@#$ thick that book. it's like Kamus Dewan. I am currently in the 3rd book, The boy and His Horse ( i think not sure about the title..lols..) The movie that is shown is the 2nd book. 4 more books to go!!!!

Ok, now about my favourites..I read kiddy books most lols...dont know i just kinda stuck to them
"My Kiasu Life in Singapore" by Ee Lin See. It's a girl's letter to her BFF (best friend forever) in Bukit Mertajam while she went to singapore for high school. It's very funny and you sure can learn a lot from it too...

And these are my jacqualine wilson's collection!!! childish. it's sort of kids books..some are for teenages though. It's so @#$% expensive ok. So i cant buy much. I started reading it since i was form 1 when i found her book in the school library. There's so many books i havent got!!!

So..there you have it. My holiday case anyone STILL THINK i am reading textbooks at home. wth...

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