Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mr Soon's Motivation Talk

I went to Master Soon's motivation talk in my school yesterday. Luckily i was having night shift yesterday that's why i can go without any much hesitation.(though i had so much trouble writing the "I want to be an Exemplary Prefect" essay the night before) The junior prefects are joining us. It's great to meet them for the first time.

As most of us thought, it's gonna be those boring old talks that will DEFINITELY make us asleep in no time, it's totally opposite at all!!!! Mr Soon is a speaker from Johor who wrote a few books already (You can click on the link on top there to see his blog). He is this middle aged man who is ever so humorous.
First, he made us laugh UGLILY...(is that how u spell that worD??? hahaa)
Then he made us clap word beats.
Next, he made us sing and dance weirdly!!!!BLlurred photo..took while dancing. The white shirt one is Mr Soon. THough it was totally embarasing dancing like that in front of so many people, it wa very very fun!!!!! Enjoyed it very much.
Instead of just telling you what to do, his way of motivation is a bit different. He uses stories to wake us up. I must admit that i dooze of a little bit in the afternoon (less than 1 minute ok!!!) but i think if it was "something" else, i must have been in deep sleep the whole day..from 8am till 4pm.
Here something for you guys, a sneak peek of what he told us:
  1. 今天的你是过去总和; 明天的你是今天的设计。
  2. 当你在追求“我的理想”,请回到“理想的我”
  3. 树的方向由风决定,人的方向由自己决定
  4. 最宝贵的权力-选择
  5. 有翅膀的人要飞翔,有梦想的人要圆梦
  6. 你可以知道一个苹果有多少颗种子,但你永远无法知道一棵苹果树能长出多少个苹果
  7. dont judge a book by its cover
  8. dont repeat the same mistake
THere's lots more we learnt that day cant list all out.

Lunch Break!!
kissing???? who izit??? me???

We also played a game that afternoon. Stack up chair see who's the highest..
Our group's tower!!!! That's ai ling..haha

super happy i went to that talk!!!! A golden opportunity to learn!! hope to see Mr Soon again!


Faye said...


What does that mean?

Wow. Mr Soon's very philosophical.
Like his advices! ^-^

Christine said...

It means the ideal me.
Yeap, i like his talk session very very much too.