Thursday, December 04, 2008

Part 2 - KL!!!!

So here i am, back in Malaysia...Kuala Lumpur...I reached here by 12am something and the busy is still busy as usual...But i never realised, THE AIRPORT IS SO !@#$% FAR AWAY FROM THE CITY!! 1 hour plus bus ride to reach...=.="

Looking around out the window...
nice view right??? klcc shinning in the distance..
then suddenly...
what's that? the light in distance?! look like a disc or something...
i was so's taller that klcc and menara and one notice that big disc shaped stuff there?!
after freaking out and keep asking around...
it's genting highland la, sakai.
=.=", let's go shopping in midvalley. Not much stuff to see..but i bought a dress..which i'm going to wear on chinese new year, so wanna see??!!!


a snap in the taxi
I found out that not all taxi drivers are as what they always describe - greedy, cheeky, liar..blah blah negative comments. Some are, very sweet indeed, giving help whenever needed, very responsible, fight for the "pengguna" rights and so, i guess it's time to reevaluate the taxi drivers, righT?
my cheap..only RM6++
view outside. KL always rains..=.=" practically everyday
haha..very funny. =.=" in mark and spencer..

the poor people's way to glamorous...Fitting in the changing room and then take photos...haha!!! shhh..dont tell the shop people.. :D
outside klcc

Then, i went to the so called "SPACESHIP"...GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!!

Here's a little tip for those going, on the way to cable car station, stop by Gohtong Jaya, there's a chocolate factory there for free tasting!!! :D they have really nice durian chocolates only available there!!!
cable car up..the longest and fastest cable car in south east asia..
first world hotel lobby
and here's a new friend i Mr Monkey.
rides!!! I only go for thrill kiddies rides please! I secretly snap these photos which when i was suppose to be grabbing the handers tightly...Kids, Dont TRY THIS AT HOME!
erm...i can tell u i was cheating in the's not scary at all haha!!!
wanna try extreme ones? go gold coast dreamland's G-Force!!! HAHA!!!
i'm back..seee..i'm still smilling
this is the ride i wanted to go on since i was small but i couldnt cause i was too short last time..
random snap by mom. i'm not ther, quit searching.
forever love, i guess..kiss until got plants and fungus there
this is the stupid water ride which made me wet!!! I MEAN TOTALLY WET!!! I forgot to bring any extra clothes and it's dawn time and it's very windy and it's freaking cold!!! I was shiverring like hell...
bought a new pants at the end..
night time...clouds coming down
outside of first world hotel. We didnt stay overnight there..

Next day, IKEA and The Curve!
demo kitchen in ikea..haha
the curve's deco
the street..they have very nice lighting and raindeers stuff...and of course lots of fine place to dine in too!!!!
random snap
Another day!!!
i spot this ferrari..hehe..the first real life ferrari i ever saw..super cool..
(i saw F1 before but this one is much cool hehe)
watching the BOLT!! 3D!!! very until cry..haha the specs we are using are DOLBY 3D o..damage or lost one cost RM200.. :)we went to dine in Dragon-i that night..SUPER NICE! recommended!!
their service is very China liked..i mean the super fast and good service.

piggy tao sha pao!

pomelo manggo pudding!

the chefs!

"The street" in the curve

I went to at least twice each place i visited in KL. didnt have time to visit Bintang Walk and Sg wang lo..
I went back the next day!!! Finally, back home after 12 days trip..:D

Next on: 3rd Annual Christmas Tree Hunt!!! (Hunt area increased!!! SG and KL this year!)


Faye said...



Especially the first KLCC pic...
did you take that from the plane or something?!

And the chefs cooking....
ha! You sneak into the kitchen, didn't you?!

Next, the love of my life -- RED HOT FERRARI CAR~
I'm like jumping in my seat when I saw that pic!

Oooo! Seeing all your pics make me feel like wanna go....T_____T

P.S. Corkscrew is kinda creepy. The last time I went on it, i keep recalling those gruesome scenes in Final Destination. Thanks to those creaking sounds whenever we zoom past....x.x

Christine said...

Haha..i just found out u have a blog few days ago!!!

My pics just plain photo taken pics :)
KLCC photo? No la, i took it in taxi before i reach there..
What else??? ern, the ferrari, actually i can go touch it that day but then a bit scared so better because it just parked in the car park in that residential area so actually no harm going near lols...
Go la!! I though u're going too?? :D