Sunday, December 28, 2008

Said the wrong stuff...

have been to work as usual today. Half of the working period is already done, left another week to go..means another week till school reopens. I KNEW, I AM SURE that this is going to be a


SUre it is, when SPM IS HERE less than a year from now...I am so not sure what's going to happen before, during and after that OMG-SO-IMPORTANT exam.

Oops, out of topic.
What i'm trying to say today is i said something v ery wrong at work today. Even though i dont mean it, it freaks me out after i've said it. It was my colleague standing in front of the counter, trying to act as a customer. He asked another colleague, how much is that jokingly. There were lots of people going thru and fro that time though no one is paying specific attention at us.

I was trying to continue his joke then i say,“ 要买就买,不要买就滚!” (If want to buy then buy, if dont want then go away!) I was only joking and who knows, it comes out of my mouth so loud. It shocked both of them.
One of the customer was walking past and then he suddenly look at me...omg...
He's so gonna smash my head off. Then he walk towards me and then he....

Nah. Nothing happen. He just look over and continue walking.
Though nothing really happen but i guess it shocked all 3 of us there..And i dont believe i said that myself either. (I mean i never thought i will say stuff like that.
I'm gonna zip my mouth now. Trying not to be so talkative next time.

Thanks for the pressies that day guys!!! :D and of course the birthday wishes...

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