Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's with the relationship stuff?!

Remember i said a guy at my work place named Nick? (It's my previous previous post..)
Well, after working with him for a week plus, yes, i find he is quite a hardworking person and also at the same time, he's got BIG problem either.
You see, he's 16 years old, like most of us here are. You couldnt believe it when u first saw him cause even when i say he is 30, you'll believe. But that's not the problem. He's been doing quite a lot of talking with us, (me and shin ning) and so, we knew quite a lot about him by now.

He's 16 ok. remember that. He:
1. smokes a BLOODY HELL LOT! dont know how many packs of smokes a day. ( i cant stand smokers)
2. goes to pubs. drinks beers.
3. when into jail before, even just for a few hours before he came out again.
4. drive illegally
5. was once playboy ( though i cant really figure out why izit. maybe my insulator is too thick)
6. 离家出走 lots of times.
7. stops going to form 4 and 5 like us. (He's in private college now)

Ignore those, it's a common issue anyway. (No, i dont mean i do those stuff too) He's a hardworking person and kinda of a gentleman too since he dont mind helping us set up the stall everyday and buying presents for people around no matter how much they cost him.
But, there's something he like to talk about - RELATIONSHIP!

Everytime he sees a girl (an above average looking one), he wont be like shy shy or doubt like that..he just go over and ask for numbers. Well ,this is the first one i've met before. You must have though he has tonnes of girlfriends already but he said he WAS a playboy but not now, and he has no girlfriends now. Ha, hard to believe. (but i knew he secretly has a 干妹妹)

He told me there's one girl he just met yesterday ask him if he wants to be her 101th boyfriend. omg....

Well, teenagers nowadays. It's always the boyfriend girlfriend stuffs.

p/s: i'm a 怪胎 and my insulator is too thick so none of these are associated with me!!


Faye said...

at last that guy met someone that's like him right? shouldnt' that be kinda a bit happy-ending?

Christine said...

they are not serious at all ok...
it's like playing, joking..suddenly a few days after, she doesnt talk to him anymore. wth these people