Saturday, December 26, 2009


lols..since after spm, i have not been at home for a perfect 24 hour. Been to so many places, met so many new interesting people. I had thousands and thousands of photos waiting to be uploaded, so many things to share. time. T-T

I guess i had to wait again until everything settle down then i can start blogging. again.

I am going to Taylor's College for SAM program in case you havent notice in my facebook. Yeap, after 6 months of struggling about where i should go, finally, a place at least. It wasnt on my mind at first, i mean, going to taylor boh, that means staying in Malaysia for another year..haha..yea, i dread to leave straight away, i dont know why. Plus, my father discourage me to go KL. (bear in mind, a young girl going's really not safe). Though in the end, i chose taylor.
1. I couldnt go into dentistry if i go for foundation year in Brisbane.
2. I must go to Homestay if i go brisbane next year because i'm not yet 18. T-T
3. It's much cheaper here!
4. so many friends going taylors...hahaha
5. Let's just try being away from home, but not too far, first.
6. KL is the best place to wait for scholarships.. :) most interviews are done there.

I guess, that's the best solution i could come up with for the moment.
Engineering or Dentistry? I still dont know. Medicine? Nah, it freaks me out. Those stressful lifestyle of a doctor are just arent what i want to do. I need a relax, $$ work and something which i can do to contribute to our Earth. Environmental Engineering are on top of my list now....

is that good? or any other jobs that are similar to it?
Till this, the next time i blog, i shall be in KL for my studies. haha

p/s: Going to Singapore! =)
pp/s: friends, your photos..haha...sorry sorry...please wait. :p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

=) In macau

First of all:


*Will be back in a few hours macau airport now...hehehe..i have been disconnected from the world (well sort of) for a few days...finally a few seconds to online before i will be cut off from the internet world again. !@#$% those hotel for charging freaking expensive internet way i'm gonna pay for it. I mean MOP180 for day? no way no way...

** I bought new camera!!! =) Show you guys when i get back....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First Plan After SPM: Macau

My first plan after SPM starts tomorrow...
I'm going to Macau!!! :D

But transiting at KK tomorrow first. Dont worry, i'll continue blogging. :D
Stay tune!

April May June July

So, i'm going to start posting about my life for the pass few months...Starting from April. No much details just some photos i find interesting and funny to post about...

1. Softball competition

Boys team got thirds. Girls team nothing. Haha..but this is the year which all of us really enjoyed ourselves very much... of our coaches
Kit How looking dirty..hehe..all of the boys are like this that day
Girls team playing
Appreciation dinner..all our coach!!!

2. Teachers' Day
Our last teachers' day. :D This year we get to involve officially in this receptionist of course. It's one of our main activities of the year.
The presents we choose, bought, pack and presented it to our beloved principal and vices...
[neckties from parkson]

Fiona holding Flowers for Tan Sri Chai
The presents for teachers. "Up Up Chung Hua!" Umbrellas..hehe last year was face towels...

fooling around with it
posers...[include me ok?]
our class party!! we ate a lot of pizzas...
Left to right:Cikgu Ernani(Bio), Puan Lai Jia Ling(chemis), Cikgu Azmira(bm)
Left to right: Puan Sheow Jee Kheng(akaun), Puan Yong Hie Chuo(maths), Cikgu Nurhairiah(sivik)
Cikgu Rita Nge
(She means the temenggung jugah anak barieng in sejarah)
Cikgu Mahathir (physics)
Mr Anthony (english) and Puan Lau Ming Hung (add maths)
Puan Sheow enjoying the food... :)

3. English Drama Competition at Pustaka Miri
Our lovely receptionist dept is there again! ok, almost all. It turn out to be a fun day out (ehem, skipping school) for us...But we did work too!!!
Princess PRIYA...our elfreda's representative acting on stage
At Pizza Hut Bintang Mall
haha...caught someone zi pai
yum yum pizza
Mr Wong (principal) giving speech at the end of the day..secretly took this photo behind the stage
Fiona acting emo

On the stage. There's another layer of curtain in front of me. and in front of that layer is Mr Wong giving speech...Fiona and I ran to the middle of the stage and take photos..haha
At the end of the day.. :D

4. Lii Ming's Birthday Party
I havent been to any birthday party for ages...maybe it's because it's the last year of secondary school for all of us, many ppl started to organize birthday party. hehe...birthday boy

lao ban niang of the night

5. Kem Bina Insan in Sibu (this is really interesting yet scary experience)
This is the scariest camp i ever attend. REALLY! 5 days 4 nights in Kem Belia, Sibu. At first, we thought it was something character building camp for prefects, so the school decided to send choon man, jai senf and me. We were really excited at first even though i dont have a girl friend beside me. Then we realised something when we reach there -
  • There's no phone reception there. Can't call back
  • they took away our phone
  • there's only 5 chinese including 3 of us
  • there's only 25 ppl joining this camp
  • it's not for prefects. it's meant to be CHARACTER BUILDING for PELAJAR BERMASALAH (problem students)
OMG!!! problem students camp..and we end up here!! I WAS SO FREAK OUT AT FIRST...wth...why am i here? I tried to talk to the people here, but they all speak in Bahasa Sarawak. Being a student from Chung Hua who speak chinese normally and had no idea of bahasa sarawak, I WAS SO LOST AND CONFUSED. I talk to them, they dont understand. They talk to me, i dont understand. And they really had problem, i mean real problem. Some are Mat rempits and even one girl, got problem in her...erm....mind...She's kinda..have mental problem. She even tried to KILL ME with fork during dinner time.
We even went into the jungle for real camping for 1 night and 2 days.
At last, i came out alived!!!!\
When i reach home, my mom was so worried. She lost contact with me for 5 days. No one knew where i am. And she nearly make police report....
At least, i learn to communicate with Bumiputeras, learn a bit of bahasa sarawak and learn to be more independent and how to protect myself...Thanks to Choon Man and Jai Seng too, who stood by my side when i was ....urm...let's just keep it as a secret... it was just too funny. :D
The blue jacket girl was the one trying to "kill" me. The orange shirt guy was our coach. THe only photo i had about this camp, the only photo i took when we first got our phone back and before my phone was dead...haha...super precious...

6. Bao bei and Bao er

Remember bao er? She had grown heaps since then...cuter and cuter everyday..
bao bei with his fur all cut off

Bao er half sleeping

"help! I'm stuck!!!"
"Helpp!!!!! I cant get in!!"
Bao bei with a freaking cat of my cousin
Xiao bai's the name.
Lovely couple..
!@#$% cute..

aaa bao er so so cute
Bao bei on his birthday party. I made party hats for themPrincess Bao ErPink hat!


Every year i wanted to do this on duan wu jie...but always forgot. luckily, this year a few friends message me during noon time and i finally get to do this!!!

the eggs are really standing without any glue on the floor or whatsoever adhesive
cool eh..i memang sakai

8. hhaha just random photos with my friends
wen yi, jess and me
in front of block A

9. Brian and Charlene announced that they are getting married on 09/09/09
10. I went to Singapore during June Holiday..hehe nothing special. just another fun trip for shopping
clarke quay...
night view of singapore
tiong bahru market for breakfast. Super nice!

Back in Miri. Got tested for H1N1 (luckily not infected) because Singapore is a so called "infected area"

~to be continue~