Monday, January 12, 2009


Have a front line update of her story. I mean THE story, i was ever so excited. It was like "chasing" madly on a hong kong/ taiwanese drama. Started off coldly, with my misunderstandings, it seems quite hopeless. Adding a little dillema in between. There, with our "Jio"-ings and usikans, it was so fun. And there again, she gave in the courage, after turning round and round, whether to send in or not. Asking us to recheck and check. "Yes, it is wonderful. Yes." I gave her the nod.
Wait.. wait... wait...
Then she answered me, it was replied. Finally, another great and sweet adventure will start.

You wouldnt have to know what it was about. Just that I really admire her courage, the courage to take the first step. It may be a great step forward, or maybe a great fall, but we all dont know. No matter how great the challenge is, instead of standing on the same spot and keep thinking about it without any action, just took step forward and see how is it. Perhaps, another miracle would happen.

Totally impressing.
I so wish i have half of her courage.
Just half would be enough.
To speak out.
To let others know.
No matter what lies in our future.

p/s: wth...i just wrote a story about cannibalism. cruel man..

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