Thursday, January 29, 2009

The day before CNY! chu xi!

Warning: This post contains photos that may bring discomfort to the readers.Please have parental guidance on this. blah blah blah...
lols...this is the day before cny. at 5am. super yucky stuffs...cow's heart, pig's intestines, pig heads....super smelly....

I was in Sibu then at 4.30am, i woke up and followed my parents to the central market. How "obedient" for i didnt even do that in miri.lols.... Well, my dad clearly see my purpose of going: To take photos for my blog. Yeah dad, you understands me.
We went to the central market at 5am. Super early ok, i never wake up this early for the sake of GOING TO MARKET. i wonder how those housewives manage to do so.
even though it's THAT early, the market is already crowded like hell..

of course, you can see kam literally every where since tomorrow is cny...

oh ya, this stall is just a random shot.
or is it???? look closer...


lols..there's the tauke sleeping there. FYI! it's 5am k!?
hands up in the air! it's party time!!
some fish. not eel.

MY ETERNAL NIGHTMARE -PRAWN. Oh that's another fact of me: I dont eat prawn, never ever any how. case closed, that's it.

i have no idea what am i doing. See, i am still wearing my pyjamas, HARRY POTTER.
my sister took it. A harry potter fan? not! i dont even read a page of any of those books. dont know why, i dont seems to like fiction.

my sis and i

HAMSTER ON SALE!!!!! woo hooo super active and cute!

also bought some fire crackers. some "ciliwa" and some other illegal stuffs...
random bicycle i have stolen....dont know whose is it...haha
huge pineapple
fair price exist literally every where...i remember last times seeing this plastic bag in mukah..lols
the shop selling lots of new year stuff. packed...
flowers again
(speaking of flowers, i have a great suggestion for the upcoming valetine's present)

Night time
it's a chinese tradisional to eat together on chu xi night. So here we are, after last year's steam boat, we decided to go out to have dinner instead. it's faster and much easier.
We Are Waiting! We Are Waiting!

my grandparents and cousin
nyum nyum

To spend the rest of the night, we first play uno. AFTER THAT!MAHJONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just cant never get enough of that game. Mah jong oh mah jong.....hehehe....

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