Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Mr Halim with son (Photo by Amir)

I walked into the room. It was dark now...without the lights on. Sigh...Another pillar of the school leaving soon. How this room was once filled with justice, laughter, fatherly love....
When i first came into this school, i have never known what kind of person he might be. He seems really really strict, with a rotan in his hand wherever he goes, especially with guru discipline (now pk hem) mr anthony. Well, of course i never dared to do anything more than walking past silently, what more to say to laugh with him.teachers' day 2007

He has taught many students many stuff. I guess he might or might not remember the time i started to worked with him. It was orientation time when i did. Because he was in charge of this orientation and i am the secretary, i have to always get information from him. He lend us his room and let us use his computer without his supervision even though we all knew there were confidential stuff that we shouldnt see. He trusted us to do the best of course. When we got scolded by the principal, he would then use his fatherly love to advise us.
Prefects' appreciation dinner 2008

He is also the best friend to the malay students in our school i believe, since they specially came up the office after the fairwell aseembly this morning to find him. Although he may have scolded many people, but i am sure they all still respect him. Ignore the rumours now then he is leaving..For what he had done for the school is more than anyone had thought of...

Thank you Mr Halim. Thank you very much.

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