Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reminising and Energized

Well, it is the first day of the year. First thing i'm glad of is, i have a full day work and it is a totally enjoyable one. Laughing the whole day there.

I havent make a new year resolution until now but i guess it's still ok now. To make a new resolution, first, we have to think of the past first. For 2008, I:
1. Joinned the Orientation 2008 and met lots of people...The first big event of the year
2. Fell into longkang on 00:00am Chinese New year and spoilt my camera
3. Lost Zhuzhu
4. Got my first nuffnang cheque6. Complete the new princess room (lols, it's messy now)
7. Finally went to the International Jazz Festival after longing it for many years
8. Met the Angkasawan Negara in real life
9. Went to Borneo Tropical Rainforest with Church Youth, my first church trip and built my first own boat
10. Become a dentist for a day
11. Joined the Choral Speaking Team and become the state champion :D
12. After years of training, finally went to MSS Miri softball competition as girls team captain!!!!!
13. Got a new Puppy - BAOBEI!!!!
14. Had tried the ever so famous FISH SPA
15. Had freed myself from BRACESSSS!!! (after 1 year)
16. Tried kayaking for the first time in Kuching
17. Joined the Prefectorial Board's most kiasu department - Reception and Protocol Department!! GIRLS POWER!!!!
18. Did my first ever blog private ads
19. Joined the coolest camp ever - Prefect Camp 2008

That's for last year :) It start out to be kinda bad to be honest but then i ended great!!!! Well for year 2009, it will be the my last secondary school (aka high school) year. The senior year. It is also the SPM YEAR!!!
My resolution for this year:
1. Be more committed to life as Lord's follower
2. Study really really hard and get straight A1s for SPM
3 Save up money. Quit spending like there's no tomorrow
4. Be tougher and more sociable
5. Smile frequently

That' s it for now. Simple yet not easy, easy yet not simple. Let's just pray hard and make it the greatest time of my life :D

Happy 2009!!!

p/s: tomorrow is my last day of working. i am so so happy...


Dalet said...

How come ah gong says you work for KTS???

Christine said...

the honey from kts la..i dont work for them

jtkl89 said...

sweet... sounds like some super eventful year! all d best this coming year! its gonna b very excitinginginging!!!!!