Wednesday, February 04, 2009


4 days left...
tell me how should i feel?
another friend leaving,
this time it's not just any friend
but a friend which i treasure a lot.

Loss another person to "jio",
to joke,
to laugh at and of course
to laugh with.
You're my classmate for many years already,
since we were in primary school,
but it wasn't until last year we started noticing each other.
It's sharing the laugh, the complains and everything together.

People always say the effect wont last long,
but i know i will grief.
Although there are facebook, msn and friendster,
i'm afraid we will lost contact eventually.
No, please dont let that happen.

Please remember,
we had shared a great memory together,
even if it's just one short year.
Thanks for your caring.
Take care.

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