Sunday, February 01, 2009

!@#$% kepo people & landslides again!

I dont know what really happened on canada hills recently, is it too many illegal logging? There's another terrible landslide k? It's near pelita commercial centre this time. I bet instead of being called resort city, miri will be called landslide city. Perhaps some commercialised stuff will be done to the hill? Like...soil sliding, down hill skiing..i dont know...

The people living on, along and down the hill really kelian lo. Pity them la, with the fear of their whole house being "eaten" by the hill...
Isn't it weird, we never heard any major natural disasters in miri before but now? 2 landslides in the city in just 2 months time. Scary k? It like what in the Revelation in the Bible. Fine, i won't talk much about that since it's just way too scary (signs of end of the world like that)

And then with all the landslides, here comes the commotion. Some many "kepo" (Hokkien; mean busybody) people there again. It's causing traffic jam on the road kk...watching drama meh? (Guess you know why am i so bloody freak out by them now haha)

Please pray for Miri.

Phrase of the day:
Don't know it is the hill supporting the house or the house supporting the hill?


Faye said...

harapkan bukit, bukit makan rumah.


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