Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skipping exams?

I have been literally disconnected from the internet world for centuries! (or is it just 5 days only, ONLY!? ) Because of something happened to my msn and i am totally exhausted when i came home from school every day ( staying in school for 10 hours every day! ). No, i am not complaining, i'm still happy to be there. Don't know since when i started to like staying in school.

So glad the topical test combo has stopped a while, but we all know there's nothing as good as NO EXAMS, cause the mid semester exam is next week!!!! wth..
Because of all the topical test, i cant seems to do revision by myself but just trying to study study study for the topical test. So fast right? It seems like we just started school and now we are going to have holidays again hehehe...

Ok now about my main topic. SKipping exams. Hmm, this doesnt seem possible to the normal students. It's a really big deal for nerds like us to skip exams. Yeap you get it, NERDS LIKE US! And that includes u. :) But due to certain happy and important reason, I am skipping the exams!!!! Fine, for one day only... But skippin that day means i dont have results for this test even though i have to take other papers...

Still, i'm too glad because:
  1. NO BIG worries on the results since i dont have position... :P
  2. My topical test results are in a big mess...
  3. Still in a totally blur mode.
There. So happy. But i promise, no next time. Really.

p/s: No position but i have purata. Haha! Trying to break my own record! Haha! Jia you everyone!!!!! :D

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