Friday, February 20, 2009

Super Combo!

!@#$% my brain really needs a rest. I dont know how many millions cells had been killed for the passed weeks.

It's like busy busy busy everyday. Finish cocuricular jobs, come another and another...finish homework come again...then, TOPICAL TEST SUPER COMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=

Since the school started on 5 Jan, there's not even 1 week, or even worst 5 days which is free from exams..Everyday EXAMS!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... The pressure is intense, but what to do, we have to face it no matter what, it's our duty, our responsibility as a student. Live of it or being eaten alive by it..choose it yourself. :)

I love reading motivational books recently. Chinese one mostly. But i had spend almost RM100 on these books last week. Lessons learnt:
  1. It's ok to fail sometimes, but remember to get up from it.
  2. People who doesnt fail never tries. People who tried will fail anyhow.
  3. Dont let rumours destroy you, they are just words anyway. It wont make you less a piece of meat from your body...
  4. Crying sometimes is good. Even men should cry.
  5. Make the most out of your life. You have been given choices to choose form: To live it good or bad. Your decision.
  6. Be thankful for obstacles. They make you learn something new so you can reevaluate yourself. The earlier they come, the better it is. At least you can change and face the fact when you still have time. :D
And many many more...super nice...and then...
This book cost @#$% RM33. But worth it's all coloured pages with cute photos. Not all words. (FYI, i'm not a word-person)

Another few hectic and bian tai weeks coming up, jia you jia you everyone, especially Form 5. Take good care of your health during this sick season. :D

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