Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank you lion dance members

Obviously, this post is dedicated to the newly added badge of "black people" in our school:

I just came back from sibu that day and instantly, i could see troupe of lion dance lorries on the road. It's the busy season for them, for chinese new year is the time when the lions will be dancing(?!) and people giving ang pau away.

"It's no harm. It's new year. So, just give them'" is what most people thought. Well for me, i think it as a "zhu fu"(blessing) from, maybe not the real lion or buddhist stuff since i am not a buddhist, but at least, it is from my dearly beloved friends there.

They sacrificed their chinese new year and went out in the sun to earn money, most of it are not for them but the school. No, not only during new year but before that they already started. But i know the main point is not the money for themselves, because if they do, they might as well go visiting. Under the rain and bathing of the hot sun, they still determine to go on.

What a great bunch of people with great spirits!

p/s: I cant stop staring and laugh at/with these black people. at least, they make me feel more "fair" during this period of time....lols...


~界豪^^ said...

haha, thanks to u too..

♥ W e n ♥ said...

Christine!!!!!!!!!! Wen Yi Here!!!!!!! ^^