Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentine's Gift suggestion

It's exactly one week's time from valentine's day now. Many boyfriends are probably busy searching gifts for their girlfriends already. Not ready being a part of those acts, still, i am ready to give suggestions!!!!

Ok, i'm just giving my opinion as a girl here. Often see gifts such as chocolates and flowers on these type of days. They were very sweet and pretty indeed. Plus the wrappings..(you couldnt do without them) it will make your bouquet of flowers super erogant. Oh ya, dont forget the little teddy bear that can be added onto the bouquet and also the "i love you" cards. Hmm...girls are often mad about chocolate.
Bang! You got a totally awesome present for her. Melting her heart down? Totally. (Who wouldn't) Well, make sure the temperature doesnt get too hot or else you're gonna burn a hole in your on pocket....

do you know the price for flowers, especially bloody roses are at least 3 times more expensive then they usually do? How about the wrappings and service charge? And the chocolate, it must be branded ones also right?

It's super cute and super nice. Sure, girls will be so damn happy when they got it, they will practically stare at the flowers for hours and hours (except those who are allergic to pollens). But after that, what? The flowers are left to dried. Sure you can say you'll make it into pot pourri no harm, but is that practical...comeon...

So, having trouble finding a:
  • sweet
  • charming
  • pretty
  • useful and practical
  • and most of all, resonable price
item? well, here it is...
Strawberries in's cheap ( RM20 for a box), it's sweet, it's charming, it's pretty and speaking of practical, OF COURSE IT IS PRACTICAL! (You can eat and it'll provide vitamins and fibre to you k?) It's totally awesome...

So there you have my suggestion for this valentine's. But make sure she likes strawberries before you do this. This author is not responsible for any screwed up valentine's.

Wishing everyone and early:
Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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