Sunday, February 15, 2009


(!@#$%^ quit asking me how i celebrate... =.=" here's the answer)

It's kinda weird the way people celebrate valentine's this year in school. There's not much celebration like the past years but funny things do happened. In our class, it's even worst, other than kurt's balloon, i dont seem to see anything else around.

Well thanks to my besties..i got a few "love letters" and sweets and chocolates...lols. We had a great time reading those letters and eating the candies. See, besties are NO MATTER WHAT the best. Haha. I recovered a bit from that day's incident i guess. Though i still face some difficulties in breathing ( but no numbness already). Thank God really. It freaked everyone out.

Instead of participating directly in this valentine's, I've become a cupid!!! :D Lols.... Helped someone in some way. So happy..haha. And night time, we had a really great time at church's youth. A debate on "Should teenagers have relationships?" Lols, i did it impromptu. We just meet up a few minutes before the debate and didn't even combine our points. :P We are the opposition so we are the ones supporting teenagers to date! AHAHA!!!!! @#$%^ funny... of course most of the people there support us! ;) (since most of them wants to date or are dating) Finally, we successfully turn something that is suppose to be "wrong" in to something correct. :P

Lastly, thank you to my dearest 朋友们 for sending such sweet valentine's msgs. The varieties of valentine's messages are just making me laugh non stop..super yucky yet sweet. Haha.

That's it for now. :)

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