Sunday, March 29, 2009

Concert Chung Hua 2009 (Part 1)

This is part of the photos..not much because my phone memory full..will try to grab from others too..heheh

the name tags...few of us did it in 1 and a half day..hehehe.!!!!!!cute la..

me and steph

na...put me in front la!
see she take photo always at the back one..HAHAHHAHAHa....lols..just kidding la!
some of the show..didnt really watch it..
my eye lashes...
RM 12 hair style.. =.=
with yang yang!! helped me a lot
with kee min

Mr wong!! very cute la him...the first principal to be crazy with students..he took photo with us and play with us..celebrate with us at the end...i threw some of the coloured papers at him actually..hehehehe...he was shocked!
chiat ing
with freda
Took photo with fiona too...but wonder where it went..oh ya in her camera.. =.=" So many photos every where..hehehehe...

Chung Hua Concert 2009's 12.20 am now..just reached home. Chung Hua Concert 2009...happy ending...

Have rojak feelings the whole night.

First is excited when doing the make up and hair hair is so funny and thank you so much to stephanie for my make up...super long eye lashes haha. And then

The crowd started to pour in. Wow, super crowded and my receptionist are all so busy. Afraid accidents might happen. So happy they did it quite good except the free seating place is really out of control..

well, the receptionist job is done...and straight away

I missed my chance to sing for the prefect choir. For all the practice and my last chance to go up the stage as a prefect and my last chance on chung hua concert...was so busy on reception that i forgot to be ready for the singing..I went backstage and look at my fellow friends singing up's not that i want to stand in the spotlight or what..just that i want to be part of this group..Our only public performance le!!! well..puff..there goes my chance...Cried....sad...really sad...

Calmed down..
Eat a few cakes and hug with besties...Felt better. And watch performances too!!

Happy ending!!!!!!....
Me and steph ran up the stage at the end. Well, very bu gan yuan bah! So go play play also lo!! Really nice...ending on the stage playing..We took photo with Mr Richard too.

Got many photoss..but not now upload...too late already haha..need to sleep.

It finally ended.
Chung Hua Concert 2009.
Our last concert.
All is done, is done.
Well done everyone and thank you so much to all who helped out... :D

It's time to go back to reality. Study hard k?!
Up up Chung Hua!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Came back from the camp on Sunday already. IT WAS TOTALLY GREAT. I learn so many stuff and of course very touched also. Never knew singing songs that praise Lord would be so touching and happy. We all had a really great time there! Like singing everyday together,'ll wish the camp never ends...And there's a sudden thought that how great would it be if i can commit myself full time on serving the Lord. being a fulltime workers at the church and'll be so nice k....still, medic. came knocking..snap, back to ur route...=.= I wish i had the time to put up all the photos now but too much stuff and homework to

This saturday is our school's concert so these few days will be like...keep having rehersal..........=.= good also, cause everyone go there, teacher also cant teach means no one miss anything in class. :P
A bit scared..

Cause the concert seats these year are thousands and thousands...and we only have 52 receptionists...lalala...dont know la, you guys find the seats urself if u cant find a receptionist. Haha! The biggest receptionist team ever k...and largest numbers of you jia you...

and next week, something kinda exciting and dont know how to describe is going to happen. Friends, just dont be shocked... Keep cool and live your life nicely! :)

So that's a summary of what's coming up.the past holiday?i really have to find sometime to talk about it. Work hard everyone..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coconut and camp

Great people who supported mei shao shao nian shi ban, thank you so much...
we have collected RM4000 for just a few hours food sale. Thank you very much...

Without your support everything will be impossible to accomplish. And also thank you very much to all my friends supporting....Yes, we did it and we are...
oops i havent packed...


I was shopping at Parkson that day and i saw this ads at the cosmetic department...She was pretty and sexy. Yes, nothing special just a very common ads. But when i found out she was actually advertising for lipstick..i was shocked...


Haha...very unique indeed. They capture my attention and made me remember it for a long long time. Good tactic.

Even 夸张....

This time, instead of travelling to KB for sushi..We went to the capital city!!! Brunei Darulssalam. Hehe...1 hour plus drive from Miri..

We first passed by Empire hotel.Took lots of photo but all still at my brother's so still havet have it....Meanwhile i only have these...

The Excapade Sushi branch in Brunei much more smaller than the Kuala Belait one haha. It is Excapade Shokudo. Just like the old kuala belait branch, very simple yet always crowded...
a must order dish...layered sushi!!! See the cheese?

And when i went to the bathroom....i was so bored then i started playing with the bubble form hand wash shampoo..hehe
Tried to make it into poo shaped but failed...instead it turned into a "Pek" of dont know what...i wasted so much time in the bathroom playing this instead of eating..hahahahaha
And the bruneians are so health concious that they even have hospitals for their shoes!!!!!
the one and only shoe hospital

With all the jawi words on the signs..I found out that i can read jawis tooo..Dont believe it? See the following
you know what is this?
It is Bata!!!!!!!!!!! See i can read jawi!

We went to The Mall. Kinda big kinda medium too..

Kiwi.Gelato. We spent so much on this gelato...And i ate 2 ice cream in 1 hour.

After that we went to Jerudong park where my childhood memories are. It is empty and old now. We have to pay $1 to get in and played nothing..instead we walked around and try to refresh our memories. Remember last time, we used to come here for weekends as the park is so big and TOTALLY FREE. We always played until midnight and spend a night there before going home. And all is left now is just an old empty park.....

Went back an go for SHAO NIAN ZHU RI!

17 Mac 2009

Have been missing from this blog for sucha long time. I'm back. But will be leaving again tomorrow for camps..hehehe...SO, this is yesterday...Jess and me
We went for prefect choir practice in school...stand there for more than 1 hour...I guess it is worth it cause today's rehersal is ok... :)

Then rushed to Church choir..(woohoo.keep singing..still my singing is really kanasai). We are going to Church Choir Camp in Sibu tomorrow unti sunday. A bit afraid and excited. Dont know what will happen. :p
Ke min and me in church

Speaking of Ke min, SHE TURN 17 YESTERDAY!!!! OH YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! Please forgive me for being so forgetful until i have to be reminded to remember ur birthday. Bear in mind, i am really really bad in remembering aniversaries, birthdays stuffsssss...Dont know why, even my family members' i cant remember well. Still..Happy Birthday!We sang happy birthday for her publicly while having lunch in Blue Cafe. She keep saying "No no no.." But who cares, as if she just know me for a few hours, OF COURSE WE ALL SANG!!!!! Hehehehehe....

We went to Imperial Mall for the education fair actually. Not sure what to ask for so i ask for medicine instead. First i asked UCSI (izit? or wrong spelling). the fee for whole course is about RM28,000 in KL and Terengganu. Ok, still ok. Then i asked Monash University. Haha, the fee doubled, About RM40,000. Fine, it's melbourne k?! Next i asked for some unknown uni in europe. I was so @#$56& by that woman:

Woman: I must first tell you, you must be a top student to enter this uni.
Me: O...
Yee Ling: SHE IS SHE IS (I was like =.=")
Me: (whispering to yeeling) why for u did that???
Yee Ling: Aiya so she will tell u more ma...
Woman: Do your parents know you want to study medicine in other country?
Me: Yep....
Woman: Do you know it cost a lot?
Me: Yep..... (Duh!!! R u dumb...)
Woman: We only chooses 20 students from all around the world. We are the one choosing students, even if students can choose us doesnt mean they can get it. if you are not a top student, i have no purpose continue talking to you.
Me: !@#$%^&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of counselling person are you?! Scare me no money pay meh?! Later i use money and books to hit u baru tahu...hahahaha....NO LA, just get so irritated by her way of talking. I'm not rich or a top student anyway..just to annoy her back... :) The fee is about RM80,000 for pre- u.

Met Xin yin, so ke min, yeeling and me went for shopping a while...we "tried" the nail polish at some shop...i think the salesgirl is very annoyed by us either cause we tried so much and ended up not buying any one of it..LOLS!! Who cares, she's the one asking us to test...

I am so doom anyway for not touching any of my homework still i am going for camp until sunday then school reopens...Haha..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sekolah Impian Saya

From another forwarded mail:

Semua orang adalah sekolah impian yang berbezaan. Saya pun adalah sekolah impian saya, sekolah impian saya ialah sekolah itu menjadi sangat bersih, ramai murid sangat kasih sayang, bertanggungjawab dan berhati. Semua guru sangat baik dan cantik.

Sekarang sekolah saya, sangat kotor macam tong sampah. sangat busuk dan banyak sampah tetapi tidak ada murid-murid pergi mengambil sampah ini dan buang ke dalam tong sampah, saya selalu tengak murid-murid yang berjalan tetapi mereka ada sampah. Mereka pun tengok sampah ini sekejap, lalu jalan ke sana.

Apabila, saya mahu menelefone kepada mak saya, tetapi semua telefone bimbit rosak macam kereta yang terlanggar tadi, saya tak faham, kenapa murid-murid sekolah saya mahu buat masalah macam ini. Guru besar pun ada cakap kalau siapa tengok murid-murid yang nakal merosakkan telefone bimbit ini, mesti tanya kepada guru-guru atau guru displin. Tetapi, sekarang pun tak ada murid tanya dan telegone bimbit sekolah pun tak ada membaiki.

Murid-murid sekolah saya, sangat nakal dan hati mereka sangat hitam. Pada suatu hari, saya berjalan-jalan pulang rumah dari sekolah saya. Tiba-tiba saya mendengar suara anjing. Oleh itu, saya pun pergi tengok sekejap. Tidak lama kemudian, saya tiba di sana, tetapi saya tengok ada empat murid sekolah saya guna rotan lalu pukul anjing ini. Anjing ini seperti nyawa-nyawa ikan. Oleh itu, saya lari macam kereta laju dan mengambil anjing ini balik rumah saya.

Guru saya pun sangat malam. Kalau hari ini, kita semua hantar buku latihan, mesti menunggu sampai lima hari, kita akan dapat latihan kita. GUru-guru sekolah pun sangat busuk. Kenapa mereka sangat busuk, saya pun tak tahu.

Oleh itu, saya harap impian saya boleh jadi betul.

- By a form 4 student.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's THAT time again

Exam starts the day after tomorrow...So yeah, this blog is so going to be idle again. Poor bloggie, since i started form 5 there's not much time to update...What more to say take photos. I have so much things to share with you all, but just not enough time. (Don't blame my typing skills!)

Exams..argh..just pray hard and study hard.