Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17 Mac 2009

Have been missing from this blog for sucha long time. I'm back. But will be leaving again tomorrow for camps..hehehe...SO, this is yesterday...Jess and me
We went for prefect choir practice in school...stand there for more than 1 hour...I guess it is worth it cause today's rehersal is ok... :)

Then rushed to Church choir..(woohoo.keep singing..still my singing is really kanasai). We are going to Church Choir Camp in Sibu tomorrow unti sunday. A bit afraid and excited. Dont know what will happen. :p
Ke min and me in church

Speaking of Ke min, SHE TURN 17 YESTERDAY!!!! OH YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! Please forgive me for being so forgetful until i have to be reminded to remember ur birthday. Bear in mind, i am really really bad in remembering aniversaries, birthdays stuffsssss...Dont know why, even my family members' i cant remember well. Still..Happy Birthday!We sang happy birthday for her publicly while having lunch in Blue Cafe. She keep saying "No no no.." But who cares, as if she just know me for a few hours, OF COURSE WE ALL SANG!!!!! Hehehehehe....

We went to Imperial Mall for the education fair actually. Not sure what to ask for so i ask for medicine instead. First i asked UCSI (izit? or wrong spelling). the fee for whole course is about RM28,000 in KL and Terengganu. Ok, still ok. Then i asked Monash University. Haha, the fee doubled, About RM40,000. Fine, it's melbourne k?! Next i asked for some unknown uni in europe. I was so @#$56& by that woman:

Woman: I must first tell you, you must be a top student to enter this uni.
Me: O...
Yee Ling: SHE IS SHE IS (I was like =.=")
Me: (whispering to yeeling) why for u did that???
Yee Ling: Aiya so she will tell u more ma...
Woman: Do your parents know you want to study medicine in other country?
Me: Yep....
Woman: Do you know it cost a lot?
Me: Yep..... (Duh!!! R u dumb...)
Woman: We only chooses 20 students from all around the world. We are the one choosing students, even if students can choose us doesnt mean they can get it. if you are not a top student, i have no purpose continue talking to you.
Me: !@#$%^&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of counselling person are you?! Scare me no money pay meh?! Later i use money and books to hit u baru tahu...hahahaha....NO LA, just get so irritated by her way of talking. I'm not rich or a top student anyway..just to annoy her back... :) The fee is about RM80,000 for pre- u.

Met Xin yin, so ke min, yeeling and me went for shopping a while...we "tried" the nail polish at some shop...i think the salesgirl is very annoyed by us either cause we tried so much and ended up not buying any one of it..LOLS!! Who cares, she's the one asking us to test...

I am so doom anyway for not touching any of my homework still i am going for camp until sunday then school reopens...Haha..

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