Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Came back from the camp on Sunday already. IT WAS TOTALLY GREAT. I learn so many stuff and of course very touched also. Never knew singing songs that praise Lord would be so touching and happy. We all had a really great time there! Like singing everyday together,wow...you'll wish the camp never ends...And there's a sudden thought that how great would it be if i can commit myself full time on serving the Lord. being a fulltime workers at the church and stuffs...wow....it'll be so nice k....still, medic. came knocking..snap, back to ur route...=.= I wish i had the time to put up all the photos now but too much stuff and homework to do...so..haih...

This saturday is our school's concert so these few days will be like...keep having rehersal..........=.= good also, cause everyone go there, teacher also cant teach means no one miss anything in class. :P
A bit scared..

Cause the concert seats these year are thousands and thousands...and we only have 52 receptionists...lalala...dont know la, you guys find the seats urself if u cant find a receptionist. Haha! The biggest receptionist team ever k...and largest numbers of seats..wow...jia you jia you...

and next week, something kinda exciting and dont know how to describe is going to happen. Friends, just dont be shocked... Keep cool and live your life nicely! :)

So that's a summary of what's coming up.the past holiday?i really have to find sometime to talk about it. Work hard everyone..

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