Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chung Hua Concert 2009's 12.20 am now..just reached home. Chung Hua Concert 2009...happy ending...

Have rojak feelings the whole night.

First is excited when doing the make up and hair hair is so funny and thank you so much to stephanie for my make up...super long eye lashes haha. And then

The crowd started to pour in. Wow, super crowded and my receptionist are all so busy. Afraid accidents might happen. So happy they did it quite good except the free seating place is really out of control..

well, the receptionist job is done...and straight away

I missed my chance to sing for the prefect choir. For all the practice and my last chance to go up the stage as a prefect and my last chance on chung hua concert...was so busy on reception that i forgot to be ready for the singing..I went backstage and look at my fellow friends singing up's not that i want to stand in the spotlight or what..just that i want to be part of this group..Our only public performance le!!! well..puff..there goes my chance...Cried....sad...really sad...

Calmed down..
Eat a few cakes and hug with besties...Felt better. And watch performances too!!

Happy ending!!!!!!....
Me and steph ran up the stage at the end. Well, very bu gan yuan bah! So go play play also lo!! Really nice...ending on the stage playing..We took photo with Mr Richard too.

Got many photoss..but not now upload...too late already haha..need to sleep.

It finally ended.
Chung Hua Concert 2009.
Our last concert.
All is done, is done.
Well done everyone and thank you so much to all who helped out... :D

It's time to go back to reality. Study hard k?!
Up up Chung Hua!

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● .`.璟词`● ·clare said...

it's really a good experience for me....xD noe me? one of the receptionist.....

dun sad dun sad...=)