Sunday, March 29, 2009

Concert Chung Hua 2009 (Part 1)

This is part of the photos..not much because my phone memory full..will try to grab from others too..heheh

the name tags...few of us did it in 1 and a half day..hehehe.!!!!!!cute la..

me and steph

na...put me in front la!
see she take photo always at the back one..HAHAHHAHAHa....lols..just kidding la!
some of the show..didnt really watch it..
my eye lashes...
RM 12 hair style.. =.=
with yang yang!! helped me a lot
with kee min

Mr wong!! very cute la him...the first principal to be crazy with students..he took photo with us and play with us..celebrate with us at the end...i threw some of the coloured papers at him actually..hehehehe...he was shocked!
chiat ing
with freda
Took photo with fiona too...but wonder where it went..oh ya in her camera.. =.=" So many photos every where..hehehehe...



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jianH said...

Hi Christine, I saw your blog in and decided to share this with u =)

one of the performances that i recorded with my cam last night, although quality not that good -.-

jianH said...

may look forward to your blog for your posts about the concert last night hahah =)

ghostie said...

Hi there, I'm one of the photographer during the concert night! well done and thanks for having a shot with my cousin, KeMin.

btw, do look into one of your senior's work here.

lynnx01 said...

Hey that was my principal before! HAhhah

jtkl89 said...

hey... nice... concert. kinda missing those days. must've been reli fun. heheh. anyways... looking gd in ur pics! =)