Friday, April 24, 2009


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

满足 Full-filledness....

Homo sapien - Human is a species which is very to be full-filled. We always have the "wants". Many think this is very greedy...but this is why we enjoy all these advancement right? Some people are easily fulfilled while others just can't get enough of what they have.

While you are working so hard to keep up the pace of time, remember to slow down and be glad of what you have too....

What am I happy of for now??
I came back home at 2.30 pm for 2 days straight already!!!

It's been a long long time since i can come back home so early. It's not that i want to complain the time i spend in school is long, i won't mind, really, not at all. It's nice to spend time in school with all my dearest friends around, but sometimes, people just need quality time with family or all alone at home....

Do you know it is very "bahagia" for being home so early? Haha, you can have a nice afternoon nap unless you have to go for tuition that's another story.

Fine, this is pointless. I am just too happy. :p

p/s: or maybe it's a hint that i can start my studies already???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

An update for the sake of updating

WOW....never disappear from this blog for such a long long time...TOO BUSY! @#$ busy life..

Why so busy? Well, first is concert. Have been so busy preparing for it for a few months. Just 3 days after the concert...

i went to Kem Bina Insan. No, you didnt see the wrong words. BINA INSAN. It's not that i have disciplinary problem, but somehow some misundestandings occured and me, choon man and jai seng ended up there. 5 days of camp at Kem Kemuyang Sibu with 25 students from miri. Only 5 chinese. 20 others are bumi and malays. I have never been SOCIALIZING with so many malays and bumi, what more to say STAY with them 24 hours for 5 days? It's a whole new experiences. I have learnt so many stuff, about how problematic students thinks, how they live through their daily life and also BAHASA SARAWAK! hehe....a new language. They all spoke in bahasa sarawak so you can imagine me listening but not UNDERSTANDING ANYTHING AT ALL for many days. We had a great time and spent a night in the woods. !Q@#$% those mosquitoes..And somehow some really disgusting and annoying stuff happened on the last day which made me want to go home as fast as possible. !@#$ those annoying brainless idiots...Still, thank you so much for giving a chance to go through this camp.

The cert for this camp is "priceless"!!! Really..but baobei somehow got reach of it and chew it up !@#$%^&!!!!!!!!! what the hell...

Straight after i come back, i have to train for softball practice. Competition on last wednesday. Girls team lose.. Boohoo...haha, didnt expected anything anyway cause we only trained for 2 weeks, (excluding me, i trained for 1 week only because of the camp). Plus we played in mud. (wth...i wanted to slide so much but didnt have the chance..)
Boys teams got 3rd. We are having a party!! YEah!!! Last year of softball..cramp legs and becoming an "INDIAN" again is not a problem. (well i used 1 year to recover from last year's softball competition yet here i am again, DARK SKIN TONE) I doubt there's a chance for me to go under the sun like this again.

Then tests and homework comes. Omg, i wanted to study so much. Just my energy is used up so fast lately. Did badly in my bible quiz yesterday. Was so sorry..half to myself and half to Lord...sorry for not doing the best i could. Sorry for doing bad in what that is suppose to bring glory to Him directly. Don't know how to describe, just regreted. I promise, and i prayed again and again, i will study hard, harder and hardest for the rest of my schooling days.
I will try not to miss class anymore. It's almost time to settle down, for the exams are coming.
Jia you!!!!

Next, i went to the Pikon PC Fair just now. Was expecting to meet Lynthia but didnt see her. Hmm...where are you? haha! (didnt so yesteday because was too tired)
Bought:A laptop skin RM18
My own card reader, RM28

So many people there..haha

Oh yeah, before i forget, we got a NEW PUPPY for 2 weeks already haha...
It's a SHE and also a maltese. Bear in mind, she's baobei's wife o!!!! She is Bao Er. 7 weeks old already. Bought her at 5 weeks old.

She knows how to climb the stairs and sit already o!!!! LIke to play toys and bite baobei. But our baobei is a gentleman!!! He never play rough with this little fragile missy...taking good care of her and bring her wherever he goes.

there's baobei with his new haircut.

That's it for now...don know when is the next time i will blog again. Wishing so hard that there are more than 24 hours a day.
Exams are coming. Study hard!

If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget himself, take up his cross every day, any follow me.
Luke 9:23