Wednesday, April 22, 2009

满足 Full-filledness....

Homo sapien - Human is a species which is very to be full-filled. We always have the "wants". Many think this is very greedy...but this is why we enjoy all these advancement right? Some people are easily fulfilled while others just can't get enough of what they have.

While you are working so hard to keep up the pace of time, remember to slow down and be glad of what you have too....

What am I happy of for now??
I came back home at 2.30 pm for 2 days straight already!!!

It's been a long long time since i can come back home so early. It's not that i want to complain the time i spend in school is long, i won't mind, really, not at all. It's nice to spend time in school with all my dearest friends around, but sometimes, people just need quality time with family or all alone at home....

Do you know it is very "bahagia" for being home so early? Haha, you can have a nice afternoon nap unless you have to go for tuition that's another story.

Fine, this is pointless. I am just too happy. :p

p/s: or maybe it's a hint that i can start my studies already???

1 comment:

buragas72 said...

hehe... study study.
tak lama lagi exam. for info: soalan tak buat lagi. ada cadangan?