Friday, June 05, 2009

Do you love quizzes? tests? exams?

Yea yea i know, my blog is covered with a freaking thick layer of mould already...Not that i dont love this bloggie anymore but i really cant find the time for it. I feel like a bad mother abusing her own child because of work..=.=" think too much. well, i just finish my mid year exam and currently in holiday!! so here i am!!!

Enough of crapping, back to the main point!!!!

We, especially most of the secondary students had just finished out mid year exam (just like me ^^) and last thing we would like to think about is EXAM. Too bad to pull you out of your holiday dream land. Yes, the question of the day is: Do you love quizzes, tests or exams?

Students or not, i am sure most of you out is already shouting: NO!!!! (hell no..)

I used to shout that too. who would love exams? the stress and the kiasuness, the late night studies, the headache, the sore's like hell on earth when you are literally "tortured" by exams. (school leavers, dont laugh!)

The rest of the post is for facebook users:

but i am here today to tell you: YOU ARE A BIG FAT LIAR!!! L-I-A-R!!! ( fat one like the catepillar outside) =.="
No, i am not accusing you any how but I have solid prooves.

We all had facebook fever lately. adding hundred of friends, leaving notes on their "walls", POKING each other, sending hugs and kisses, racing cars, PLAYING MAFIA WARS, PET SOCIETY, RESTAURANT CITY and weirdest: buying your friends and sale them away?? (weird, but i personally love it too...hahhahaha)

Then, there's a new and bloody weird phenomena in facebook world:
(see i told you, you were a liar for shouting no up there)

Dont believe me? once you logged into your account,
you see your homepage,
scrolling down,
you could see hundreds of feeds about:
  • what kind of friend are you?
  • how well do you know XXX?
  • what is you IQ/EQ?
  • what is the dress that suits you best?
  • how many children you will have?
  • WHAT IS THE FIRST CHARACTER IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO HAD A CRUSH ON YOU?! *gasp* ( would that freaking test know it when it don't even know who am i really...=.=")
  • and THOUSANDS more similar stories... <- familiar with this phrase?
people like to take these quizzes and tests so much. we all volunteered to take these quizzes and asked for more. in fact, some even created more quizzes. we did lame quizzes for the sake of doing it. laughing at the rubbish it shows in the results... and lastly, publish the results publicly to let the whole world know our results?
(oh that reminds me, i just took 2 quizzes on how many children will i have and what type of brand am i. guess what? the result is: I will have 3 girls and i am a louis vuitton brand.. erm..ehem....why can't i have boys?)

which then in school, the condition is completely different. we hated exams. we groaned. and we were forced to take the exams. we stressed out. some even skipped exams. after the results are out, we were so afraid to let our parents know????

funny right?

but this is what happened.

don't believe it? Believe it.
Students using facebook and take quizzes on it found: GUILTY!!!

*Court closed*