Thursday, September 10, 2009


Lame ah. Nothing so surprise. Only the disappeared Christine is here again after 2 months. Haha. Yeah, i somehow was walking in the jungle 2 months ago and lost my way. Now, I'm back. But perhaps not for long.

Many things happened for this whole year. People change, surrounding change. I'm glad i still had my friend around me. Sort of a stress reliever, saving me from the stressful times =)

SPM is 10 weeks from now. I'm still struggling here argh!!! haha. Playing and wasting time every day. Talking through the free period. It's not really wrong relaxing once in a while, especially after studying non-stop for 1 month (Including exams), but whenever i see people study around me, the guilt creeps slowly into my subconscious mind again, keep telling me "Why are you not studying, why are you not studying..." So whenever i am chatting away or playing computer, the sound comes again. Am I nuts?

Lols. VoonSan just said, "teach me study" in msn. (DONT physco la you) How i teach, i also like that nia, i replied. really bah. You say i am good, i'm also like that only. I'm not fake, i dont say i didnt study when i really do. When i study, i'll tell you the truth when i do. I dont kiasu-ly say no when any buddy asked for help. Still, i'm worried about my SPM. YES, I AM REALLY WORRIED. I need it. I need the scholarships. really.

Forecast results are coming out in perhaps a few days? That's the time when i should be starting to apply for uni-s and scholarships already. Kiasu? No, more of a "precaution" step. I'm applying for dentistry. Not my first choice or ambition, not even sure if i am interested in it. I'm just sort of interested in the $$ it will bring some day. =)

(UQ only offered 2 places for international student in dentistry course. i need to compete with the world for that 2 seats. =.=")

I need a job thats:
1. Not routine like. New things happen every day.
2. Can bring me enough $$
3. can let me expand me creativity.

and i dont mind working hard. Hmm...any suggestions?

So...that should be it for now. My next post? after SPM?? HAHA. Just check on my facebook if you really want to know what's going on. I'm literally there everyday!!!!


Dalet said...


Kurt said...

Usahawan. =)

Tchien said...

a designer o running a business about fashion... tats my opinion... bcz i gonna do tat too in the future...
hope we can work together if there is a golden chance...^^

vann said...

A flexible job...don't we all want that? :P dentistry can get pretty busy le, got a friend doing it in imu and she complains alot haha you'll get through SPM in a breeze, jiayou! :D

jtkl89 said...

suggestion ah? creativity n earns money? sounds like engineering 2 me. HAHAH!!!! =P

Christine said...

yeap...i thought of engineering too. especially engineering that is related to solving environmental issue...watched too much discovery channel. Haha =)

Sharleen said...

Yes, you can get challenging environment in engineering. =P. Go study engineering and work in engineering firms. Especially one like mine. YOu'll face with different issues and challenges everyday. Become an engineer and work with consultants. THen everyday solve problem. If you like that. Environmental Engineer help to solve environment problems la. Actually chemical engineer also do that. Just to a certain degree.

Hi everyone, said...

engineering lo... xD