Monday, November 02, 2009

A "slap" on my mind....

Gaining a new family member is definitely a happy moment. But how about the other one? Have you ever thought WHAT IF, just what if the person you love today are just beside you, the next second, you cant even reach him/her even if you want it so badly. There's no even a chance to tell him/her how much you love her anymore.

No, i didnt lost any family member. Just a classmate of mine who did. Previously, i had a classmate who lost a mother. Somehow, i didnt feel anything. It's just like another news on the newspaper or anything. But this time, the lost of my classmate's father influenced my way of thinking so much. no, i am not CLOSE at all to him, to be truthful, i dont even know him though we are classmate for 2 whole years. Then, we missed him at tuition that day. Havent been informed about the news, we thought he was just too "pro" so did not go for any extra class anymore. until later, i received a message about the death of his father.

We didnt know why or by what. We did not dare to ask either.

He was still in school today. Surprisingly, though. He didnt cry, didnt grumble. Just sitting there, reading his sejarah like the normal him. Nothing is weird or unusual except the little black piece of cloth is pinned on his right arm. No one would have known what this guy had experienced. Lost of his father! He must be really sad, but did he cry? No.

He appeared so strong today to me. No idea why. A person whom normally most of us "look down" upon or considered as the minority.

I wanted to comfort him, but i really dont know how. Talk to him? This is odd (we never really talk before). Buy him a drink? I wanted to, but it's really weird giving it to him, and he might think: Are you sympathizing me?! Then his best friend came over, i ask him, dont you know what had happened to you friend? Why are you still hitting him? Why are you still "cekik"-ing him? Then, he suddenly answered, "You are the one who dont know what had happen. You shut up. You dont know how to cheer people up."

Oh. ok.
For the first time, this friend talk to me like this. It somehow, slapped me. Really, i dont know how to cheer people up, i dont know what happened. I shouldnt be the one judging him. Maybe he had a more suitable way of comforting his friend.
He treat him like normal, like nothing had happened. Maybe that's the only way to heal the wound? And let time do the rest?

Still, whenever i turn my head in that direction, i saw him day-dreaming or closing his eyes. perhaps his closed his eyes to prevent the tears from rolling out?