Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Wow...it's been so long since i really sat down quietly to blog. :)

I have been waiting to say the following sentence for 17 years:


haha. I'm back everyone! back to my blogging business!!!!

After 6 months of no-life, i can finally return to my normal lifestyle..the happy and carefree life style. the one who can online whole day, sleep until noon time and smile whole day life style. No more EXAMS, reference books, tesxtbook...yadayadayada..... =.= (at least for the moment). Yeap, "i'm free! i am free!!!!" it keeps repeating in my mind.
How was it? Erm. I'm not sure if it is because my expectation on myself or maybe i'm not really good, i dont know, i just feel that i dont do really really well. People just keep saying i expect too much while my mom says, "You expect to get 100% a?" Lols, maybe. I'm not sure. But no matter what, it's over. I wont care about my results, though it may be a regret or it may be a great history?? I wont be here most probably when the results are out neither will i let anyone knows my result. I mean it, no one will know except myself and my mom, excluding the markers and those exam ppl...No publicity or what so ever. Just let it be in the history, ok?

Plus, there's couple of uni which had accepted me with the forecast result so it would really matter anymore right?

Now, what?

I just had to enjoy myself for the time being while thinking about my future. I still had no idea what to study or where to study. But i can tell you there's a good chance that i'll be going to aus.

Ok. I had a long list to be post. Bear in mind, 6 months or more of no proper blogging..My photo folders are exploding... :D
But first, let me have a good night sleep. Fool around for a while. TRAVELLING! and i'll be back. With thousands of great photos about my life for this whole year. Really, THOUSANDS! i wonder how i'm going to post it all up. Then, i'll be off studying some where on this earth.

So now, those have chinese, jia you! spm! jia you!

p/s: I'll be giving juniors that is going to form 4 and form 5 some tutoring. cant say i'm an expert, but i at least i can give you some help to start off. Maybe some tips on studying too? Hehe. Anyone interested can contact me. The fees? Ask me personally. :D

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