Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currently reading

super meaningful book. in the midst of it. will make a review after finishing it. :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny thing to be observed

When I first went to college, I wasn't so keen on taking photos, i mean, being in the photos. I do not know why, maybe it's because of the "down-to-earth" culture i've been brought up with. (aha, lols, down to earth *rolls eyes*) Though the hidden, deep passion in photography (and the least time devoted to it T-T), i like taking photos and observe how people in them are reacting.

When we were in secondary school, our photos are very naive-looking. It's like we can totally ignore our stupid hairstyles and braces, and take that single photo, just for the memories.

But when i come to college, i starting to realise how big the difference is with the people here. Ok, maybe not all, but many, hell lots of them are behaving like this. It's when i was doing a photo-shooting session with a group of "great" peoples. yeap, they are great in fact. They actually talk about which angle, which side of the face, which pose, which smile and bilibala all those stuffs. And not just stopped at talking, they actually do it. For example, your face looks better on the right side, head tilted at 30 degree to the right, hands on your waist, legs bend .... imagine that, doesnt that feels very familiar? And after you know your best pose, you MUST pose like that in every single picture, no matter with who, you must!!! stand on the right side, just because your right side looks nicer. and if 5 of your buddies all have the right side looking better, you all stand with your right face towards the lenses. Good try for individual, but no offence, i think it's kinda silly especially when we are browsing through your facebook album, all the 100 photos, you have 100 of EXACTLY the same smile, pose and face photo. That's...wood.

Well, it's good to take nice photos. But isn't it better if you can just be you in it. Photos are taken to keep that moment forever in your memories through the photos.
It's impossible to have the same expression and feelings and thoughts every single moment of your life in front of the camera right? So, what's with the cloned poses? People might as well cut and paste the picture of "you" in every photo right?

Don't know why, i suddenly have the urge to write this after seeing one of my Sarawak friend starting to have that disease. It's definitely easier to observe people whom you have grown up with.

Just passed my 18th birthday!!! Phew finally. I'm finally at legal age. :D
Havent been celebrating birthdays with friends since very very long time ago. The last time i remember doing so was during primary 3. LOLS.
So, here's the great buddies who celebrate with me this year.
p/s: Thanks for the pressies. didnt expect them though. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Numb fingers

Aww man.. playing guitar is painful. HAHA.
Not gonna give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Guitar

Time to take up new instrument. :D Bought this! AAHHH!!! Christine Wong is super happy now...

The Gift - Cecelia Ahern

Just isolated myself this whole day to finish up this book, havent read a good book for quite a while now. I always adore the way Cecelia writes. And if you are wondering what to do around this time of the year to kill time, do consider buying yourself a copy from mph/times. Defnitely worth a good read. :D

Ever wonder what to give to your loved ones during this seasons of jolly? This book is about the Christmas gift.
It's about a gift from a homeless man to a successful and rich young man who had everything. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise here so any of you interested might as well read it yourself. It's really very interesting.

But I had learnt lots of lessons from this book. A man's tale is a lesson for another. :) The main character Lou Stuffern somehow reflect many of us, including myself on how we ought to act in our daily lives. We only know about work work work and more work. Or for students, keep studying. There's nothing wrong about it, cause if you dont work/study, you cant earn a living. But dont you think we are too obsessed about it sometimes that we missed out all the other parts of the life we SHOULD treasure instead?
God did not create us to work. God created us to live a life for Him. :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

FOC Hair Cut

I was so desperate to get a hair cut. Went to sunway and all the saloon closed. =.=" So my mom ask me to cut on my own..
nah....already fixed by mom a bit. mom super pro in cutting her own hair. Haha...
just randomly post here, to remind myself - NEVER CUT MY OWN HAIR AGAIN.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Semester Exams coming...

K...gonna stop all the emo-ing posts for a moment. Cause it's SEMESTER EXAM TIME AGAIN!!! Gosh...while normal people only go through SEMESTER ONE exam once in a year, why do i have to go through twice!!!Freaking twicee..... T-T

Come to thought, I should appreciate everything.
Seriously, do you get to do that? I bet you wont have the chance even you plead for it right? We really do repeating study the same thing, like for Bio, we've been learning about nucleus and cytoplasm since FORM 1 SCIENCE, and now...I'm in CAL, i still learn about the same old nucleus. Haha...this must be a joke man. Somehow, it makes me feel how slow humans are. We took what..10 years to learn a single thing in detail. But, that's how everything develop right? Our ancestors loooong looOO000OOooog time ago (archemides, kirrchoff, markovnikoff..gootttaa stop nerding) been searching and studying about all these stuff day and night until they get to the point of REALISATION. *light bulb*
Appreciate, cause you dont have to go through all those blood and sweat and revolutions to learn about nucleus and cytoplasm or F=ma. You get it just by going to MPH, buy a book and read. To get the hold of part of this big *ss universe we're in....

Well, about the scholarship stuff. Guess, i have made up my mind. I am going to study Medicine.
Yes, Medicine.
Not clear, Medicine.
I have been procrastinating too much. The reason is because I had a great dream in engineering. It didn't spark until my days in SAM, the engineering part of it. I had dream of researching and inventing stuffs I had been too shy to share with anyone. If anyone would know what i wanted to invent, trust me, you would laugh till you die. But, i just wanted to make it, cause
(sounds so familiar..)
Though, to be realistic, are these dreams going anywhere? To get it, means...I have to let go of this scholarship. And my parents would want me to go back Curtin Miri to study engineering.
Means, I would have to go back Miri.
Means, my dream of going to Oxbridge/Imperial would be gone.
Means, I would be just another norm.
(Not to discriminate anything, but from my point of view, the environment you are put in, really does make impact a person greatly, so choosing a great uni is very important for me.)

To be put back, it is certain that, I would change back to the person I was back in primary school and secondary. Those time were happy and carefree, but it isn't how I want my life to continue. Everytime people ask me, if i were given a particular period of my life to be repeated, which would i choose? Even before they finish their question, i would answer, definitely not between 7 to 17 years old. Yes, it is suppose to be the time we are most happy, but I just dont like it.
I dont know why, I feel like that 10 years, i had been floating and dreaming around.
Working hard, but not really being myself.
This year is different, I am out here by myself and I can finally see what I want, and who am I.
I can praise God, sing to Him 24/7, serve Him as much as I like.
I can hang around friends who really does care about me as long as I like.
I can study and read as much and wide variety of books I like
I can watch as many movies as i like.

I can do so many stuff!!!! But sometimes, I wonder if I am going towards the right direction too. To let got of a 2 Million dollar opportunity and waste 40K. Is that stupid? For dream, it may be not. But for reality, that's more than any fool.

In the end, I sat in the dark, think and think and think..... I've decided. I will go to Medicine. Graduate, be doctor. That's what I aimed for until Form 5. After 6 months of searching around, I guess I have to settle down and get back on the track.
We all never experience what is it really like in that field, so gotta stop judging.
Dreams are sometimes, just dream. To grow up, we have to learn to let go of our precious stuff, even when it feels like cutting part of your flesh down.
Though, I will not give up because in clarity, my dream is not really engineering, but:
Engineering is just a route to it. But CERTAINLY, medicine can do just as much.
So, after 1 whole year of pondering what to do in the future, (it suddenly feels so relieving) I AM SET!!!!!!
No more sleepless nights.

Gotta study now...
Au revoir!!!!

p/s: Just thought of a new year resolution: I wanna learn French!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why your blog all essay one?

All the title said, some of my long-term blog reader (Thank you very much... :D ) started to realise this fact. It has been 5 years since I first started to blog. 5 years ago I was still Form 2, a naive little girl who just wanted to start a trend in the school, so I just create it for fun. I don't even know what these stuff was, but just did it for the sack of initiating a plan and doing something not much people of my age are doing that time.
( plan did work. Soon, many new blogs around pop out :p )
My post on Doggie Fashion Show(The stupid dog which ran away)

My post used to be very funny, animated and loaded with photos. It was easy and nice to read. Until one day, I read in another blog, the blogger said, she wanted blog real stuff, stuff that express her thoughts, instead of just photos and captions all the way. Cause for us, blog is like a memory keeper, to be more exact, thoughts keeper. She said, "...When I am old next time and look back at my old posts, I do not want to see just bimbotic photos and lame jokes. It was fun, yes, but might as well I open my photo albums in computer to look back at those photos."

post on Uses of Papaya Tree. (I know this is super lame)

It was so true. When i look back at what I wrote when i was at this age, I want to know what exactly was I thinking. Not just photos. I could post the photos in other places in facebook, flickr and other social networks if i wanted to share them. If I just wanted to keep them as memory, I might as well just click on the "library" to see them...

Since then, I have decided to do so too. I write down my thoughts instead of posting silly photos, which i always post in facebook already. no point posting the same photos at 2 same places.

So, why your blog all essay one? I hope you get the answer. :)

Will miss you guys badly

I knew this period of the year would come when I came back here in July.
Everyone's leaving, every one I am familiar with over this strange new place. When I first step foot over here, every thing seem so "dangerously" attractive. With the company of Fiona and YeeLing and all other Sarawak friends, we were so confident that we can go through all these in this year together. We stick together whenever something happen, haha, especially the time when we thought the house was break into, and yeeling with the boiling kettle, me with the plastic chair and fiona with her Nike bottle (which i doubt any burglar would be afraid of?) And those nights which we used to laugh like nobody's business until we got complains from the neighbours. Those nights which 3 of us were in our pyjamas, with the advices and naggings of moms not to get out after 10pm, hugging pillows and wandering on the streets of SS15 at 3am in the morning. Until...I moved out. I so wished I could move back, to be just the way we used to be.
Then when i moved here, I thought it would be hard. New program, new apartment all by my own. I feared the loneliness. I used to like to be alone last semester, deliberately go out on my own to a random place, sit down and totally isolated from this world. Just enjoy my me-time. But when i move here, i found out, I just got too used to the life which I was accompanied by lovely friends 24-7.
Just when I thought fear would come, I was super duper lucky to be able to have another wonderful bunch of friends in SAM. People whom for the first time in my life, other than my family, I felt is more important than ever. Bunch of people who wouldn't mind sacrifices and teaches me what is being "warm-blooded". Dinners, mamaks, chatting and crazy moments. Oh ya, and exploring around too. I was here for 6 months before, but never really go outside of subang other than KL. With you guys, my whole "mind-map" (as in map in the mind) of this whole area increased immensely. If i own a car now, i wouldn't even get lost. Haha..thanks a lot really.

Though, you guys all finished your exams. Time to leave and move on to the next part of your study life - Universities. For the first time, I got the feeling of leaving someone which you know you would only have one out of millions chance to meet again in the future. It's cruel!!!!

People always say you guy have facebook and msn to keep in touch. Yes, but after 1 year leaving secondary school, i can see all those doesn't really work. Unfortunately, we still drift apart in the end... :( Or maybe, i have not learnt to appreciate friendships last time like I do now. That's why, I let it fade off. Or just maybe, physical distance really does pull the relationship between people apart, wide.

And for next year, I would have yet another adventure to start. This time, without any childhood friends by my side. All on my own? Perhaps, but that's what I had to learn right?
To grow and to mature, separation is always one of the process.

If I could choose which part of life to be repeated,
this is the part which I would surely not leave out.

Friday, October 29, 2010


(One of my friends keep mentioning this words this few days hmm....)
When thinking about choosing the pathway of life, at such young age, how would anyone be sure that they wouldnt be regret in their later life? I mean, how they know what they would want to be and would be in the far far unforseen days?

I know many of my peers are worrying about the university courses they will be taking soon and the career pathway, my juniors too and just maybe, my seniors. How sure are you about the type of job you wanna be stuck with your entire life? or at least, the type to start off your working day? the job that earn you your first pay check? But maybe choosing the university courses is not that important, neglecting the amount of money involved, because that's what the wise man says,"you may not stuck with the same job your whole life." Take a turn around the corner, some day, some where in your life when you are sick of your job or you have seen better opportunity.

True. Maybe, i should not consider and worry that much.

But the irony i would like to say here isn't about university courses, rather... the irony that some silly girl would face, would worry about - yea, silly girl like me.

During my grandma's younger days, she had not much choice or opportunity to decide her life. Every one was just following the norms. She was not allowed to start her own career nor enjoying higher education. So, she made the best out of her life by being a perfect wife, mother and grandma that took care of this big family. But during my mom's days, she was given a choice of having tertiary education. She was given a choice of having a stand in the society who started to realise the importance of gender equality, to voice out her own opinion and to work outside home. Then, it's my time.

So then i was thinking, how lucky we, girls are today compared to the fore generations. Yes, i mean, not the say lucky, but gender equality should be there since long time ago! It should be a SUPPOSE, not what we got from a "lucky draw". It is a fact that now we have 2 choice, to be housewife or to join the working force and compete against men. Both have their advantages and disadvantages right? Well, obviously for me and any friend of mine would know my clear and absolute decision is the later one. That's how i am built! Being rebellious, kiasu and ambitious, staying at home, clean the house and take care of the kids are definitely not my priority nor consideration, AT ALL. I need to get out, i need to have my own career, i NEED to own my own multinational company, NEED to earn my own billions and many dreams. Dreams of independence, without relying on my better half. So, there's some truth in daily horoscope - Capricorns always prioritise ambition and work than anything else. Anything that separates me from my dreams shall be destroy! (lols but i'm serious)

Then this morning, when i was on my way to college, i saw a car driving out from the car garage of a terrace house. An indian woman opened the gate and stand by the open gate, waving at the driver. That smile on her face, as if nothing else in this world is more satisfying than watching her husband go off to work every morning and then clean the house, making sure everything under that roof is in order. Yes, sometimes I wonder too, what a peaceful life it is. No competition, no worries about how the stock market goes or !@#$ !@#$ employees or anything while the working moms out there are struggling to balance between family and work, worry about how the kids are not properly educated and also about the dateline for projects at work. There's no time to clean the house or cook a proper, nutritious meal. Every time your husband come back, either you are still at some work-related event or you are too exhausted..asleep or still in front of the computer screen continuing your work because of the new kiasu colleague at work. Worst to worst, your husband don't understand your work. (Lucky then if both are in the same field) The home sweet home might be not that sweet anymore.
So there's the irony. Wanting a peaceful life or an adrenaline saturated, competitive working life?
I.......still choose the later one. Confining me in a space is a NO!!! I need challenges!
That's whhy whenever my conversations with friends touches this topic, my answer would always be, "Wait la, till i get my PhD, own my company and buy a multibillion mansion on the hill."

So, i do look forward to meet you, my competitor, in the top notch society in near future! ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life's Greatest Lesson: Dont Complain, Appreciate. (Practical)

I’m so glad that my mom came to visit me this weekend. Though stonning at genting, it is also a very enjoyable moment. Cause I never knew sometimes, being idle is also… so relaxing. I was just sitting there with my laptop on, “Life Greatest Lessons” book in my hand, though my mind was empty, with eyes staring into the air. People with so much laughter and fun passed by every second. My first visit to genting was a happy and memorable one, but with a sad burden, that time. Though, I will never forget it. A few more times followed after that, every time I played until mad. Screamed and shouted until I lost my voice. This time, I just chose to sit at starbucks.

Then, I paid a visit to University Malaya today. Never knew I had the chance to step foot into that old legend of our country. My uncle who is a cardiac surgeon once studied there. I always heard about it from textbooks and photos and tvs, but never expected to come here today. Actually, my sole purpose of coming to UM wasn’t just to randomly walk round, rather to visit a very special person, someone whom I haven’t seen for such a long time – My blind cousin, Ah Yao. Yes, he is blind, in fact, all his siblings are blind. Though, instead of giving up himself, he fought for his rights. He studied hard, topped in the list of SPM scorers among the people with special abilities. And there he is, with government scholarship, came here to pursue his dream of a humble yet noble profession – A teacher. He is taking his degree in Malay Studies.

I haven’t seen him for few years, 3 years minimum. He is a few years elder than me. We saw him walking from his hostel afar, following the yellow guidelines on the road with his walking stick. Properly dressed, of course. He could recognize the voice of every single person there, even after such a long period. We had a conversation with him. Those moments, sense of pitifulness and empathy was nowhere sawn; instead, the courage and honorable traits just shone through his eyes though the cornea turned fully white and opaque.

Rarely do I have the chance to meet a person who appreciates life so much, making the best out of it instead of complaining and grabbing every opportunity offered. He was staying with another blind guy from Sarawak in his hostel at UM. I was wondering, how 2 guys with sight disabilities stay together? THEIR ROOM WAS SO NEAT!!! Much cleaner than mine, haha. Shame on me I guess. They have 2 laptops on the table too and 2 very high end printers.

We snapped a few photos and left. Don’t know when can we meet again. I hope not long in the future. So long, ah yao, if you are reading this. J

“I would continue standing strong even when the whole world gives up on me.”

p/s: Thank you, Mommy for coming here and help me clean the apartment. :) HEHEHE, now i feel more like staying at home instead of venturing around.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

gentlemen-ness, always the best policy.

I went down my apartment to get some water just now. Just before I walk out the safety door, we are suppose to press a button to unlock it. There was a Caucasian in front of me, he pressed the button, went out, pause for a while and continue. He was talking on a phone. I quickly follow him out too so i wont have to press the button again to unlock the door. He saw me and immediately paused his conversation on the phone, turn back and apologised to me. First, i was literally like, "what? why?" He was "urhmm...the door..i didnt...." "OH!! THE DOOR HA?? It's TOTALLY OK!!!!" lols...that's was almost the exact words i said. He apologised for not helping me stopping the door from closing. How polite is that.....Haha, ok, my main point is, see how his politeness and gentleman-ness immediately make me feels good about this person?

How it just melts a lady's heart.
You dont have to be good looking, rich or charismatic or whatever it is.. To catch a woman's heart,
first step, be a gentleman. Be 细心, be careful, be tender and be observant in any you do. It doesnt have to be big, but small acts like,
  • offer your jacket when she's cold (without her yelling cold first)
  • tune down the radio and lower air cond fan speed when she falls asleep in your car
  • help her to carry her books/stuffs etc, even when she says it's not heavy
  • when sending her back, make sure she enters her house and is safe and sound then only you leave
etc etc...
Guys, doing these doesnt mean that you are interested in that girl or what, but it's you are suppose to grow up, be a man, no, a gentleman. There's girl in every ladies heart, the girl who wished so hard to be a princess, so go on, make every girl feels like a princess. Then you'll see how different they would treat you. People are like mirrors, we reflect what people told us and treat us. So in return, we would feed your ego-ness too, good deal, right?

Every guy labelled themselves gentleman.
Cause they go to the gents.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Finally, after coming back for almost a week, i step foot into the one and only proper mall during my secondary years... Parkson :) Went to my favourite shop, Popular...Hey, this doesnt mean i'm a nerd k, i just love books, not the academic types only la, but the stories that shop has! Tales about so many people. It's like how my mom always say, whenever you go travelling or shopping in a new mall, never go to a bookshop, cause you'll be stuck in there for hours and the rest are left unexplored. True, for me at least, how about you?

Ok, to the main point. I was being nostalgic and went back to the section I visit almost every day before SPM, the reference and workbook section. Saw all the SPM SUCCESS books and the what KERTAS MODEL AKTUAL which successfully cheated anyone who thought it was real paper at first glance. Didnt actually flip through it, but i am 100% sure, that 90% of the contents of those books are the same as what I have last year, or should i say, 98%. :)
This time, i went to the stpm section. Curious though, before join CAL, i thought of going to STPM before. I mean, many people told me, STPM's syllabus are harder than CAL, it's free, so why not choose STPM? True, but I insisted and promise myself to NEVER touch BM academically anymore after the day i finish Kertas Bahasa Malaysia in November 2009. (sorry cikgu azmira T.T, i love you, but i just dont like the subject. haha) So, ended with CAL also.

The books of STPM are really DIFFERENT. Ok, it's the same as what we used to have during secondary school but, after studying foreign country books for 9 months now, when i get back to MALAYSIA style books, i was a bit shock? haha.
  1. British/Australian reference books are in big chunk of paragraphs, finding the point is your job; Malaysian books are mostly in point forms. Easy to understand.
  2. Brit/Aus books really tells you in detail (from my personal perspective) of why and how about a fact; Malaysian books: THIS IS A FACT. SWALLOW IT.
  3. Brit/Aus books not much example; Malaysian books: Welcome to the world of examples.
  4. Brit/Aus books not much exercises, although there is special books for exercises; Malaysian books, after each chapter, topical exercise, past year exercise, model exercise etc. etc.....
  5. Brit/Aus books many coloured pictures :D; Malaysian books, mono-coloured... =.=" but we survived. So malaysians are colour blind??!?!?! haha
  6. Last but not least, the price. Let's not compare such obvious point.
Yes, the syllabus may be quite similar or maybe malaysia one are "deeper" but the style of education are different. Seriously, i didnt realise i had got used to such a different style of learning until today after experiencing 3 different style of teaching from 3 countries.

Well, i cant really judge for CAL now, but hey, I AM EXCITED TO EXPLORE IT!

p/s: I think the effect is quite immense, especially on my blog post. Open your eyes big big and seee.....haha

Monday, September 13, 2010

Precious Baby

Afetr having a hard time searching high and low in the hospital, which is not very large scale, we finally found her name on the sign board outside one of the wards - Special Care Unit.

Barging through the doors, we have no idea what does special care unit does. All i realised is, the biggest difference is this unit have super cooling air conds but others dont. Still confused, where on the earth are we going to find her in such a big ward. Nurses at the side are giving us weird glances while the doctors are just too busy to mind random people like us... Oh, the whole ward was in blue shadow of UV lights too.

Finally, we saw her in the pantry. She seems tiny now, very different from how i first saw her. Standing there, staring into the air with the ugly green hospital "sarong". Hmmm....We have decided to wake her out from the gloomy day dreaming. Her eyes suddenly brighten up, smile appears and greeting us with hugs. But in a split second, the worries that was there few seconds ago return.

"Oh, you guys can not come in here. Let us go out of this ward and talk." She urged us to go out immediately. It was because the nurses here aren't very friendly, you know. No strangers are suppose to be in the SPECIAL CARE units. Yea, I understand. Babies are delicate, fragile..what more to say, these precious babies?

Her tummy still swelling though, and her walking was more of like trotting?? Haha, i do not know how to describe, it's just well, you just have a big "crack" on your bottom. It must be painful. Ouch!* We talked outside. She was happy to see us. She said, she thought her baby and her could be discharged today, but who knows, the baby suddenly turns yellow due to some complications during delivery. Jaundice, eh? So, the little baby girl had no choice but to go "tanning". There wasnt enough beds inside too, so she had to sleep on the floor. This is bad, really bad! I mean, how could a hospital ask patients to sleep on the floor?! Hhhhm.... I believe, all of us are willing to spend whatever cost it takes to get back our health, so if I were her, i would sue the hospital straight away man.... Her family came to visit her before, but same case, they could not go into the unit, so, they had rush back to their flights without even having a glance of the newborn.

After half an hour of talk, the Dad was here. We congratulated him, for having a baby at such age. And without a name given yet, the baby was labelled "Precious Baby" in front of her little high tech cradle with 3 blue UV lights "hovering" over. The visiting time is over too, we have to move. Last advices given to this new mother, though i can clearly see the worries she is trying to hide from us. If the illness continues, there might be brain damages. Which mother wouldnt be worried?

"I'll pray for you." Then we left.

At such age, it is a wonder that this couple got what they had been dreaming of, day and night. A baby of their own, to bring joy, to inherit their characteristics, a human that belongs to them.
Literally, a Precious Baby.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Smile and message.

Sitting at J.CO, with donuts on the table one afternoon. There's rarely a chance like this, but don't know why today Mr Chew was so generously to give his employees a break. Well, there's a project on due next Monday, but here they are, sitting around the table with ChocManiac, Green Tea Ring, Coconutties... with that sweet aromatic peach tea, of course, in a up sized mug, in front each of them.

While chilling around, it isn't hard to notice that almost every human walking pass was holding an iPhone, pressing away. Multitasking generation? Why not! We can walk without looking our way, study while listening to the music, staring without looking and many times, talking without thinking. How great...Enough bout that, the atmosphere was as usual. There's noise, but with the new urban filter on their ears, it isn't hard to notice the laughter and contents from our fellow friends.
Yes, we only listen to what we want.
*Beep beep* "You've message" the screen on one of the iPhones on the table shows. The one with shinny plate, the coolest one, the blue and silvery one - My Personalised iPhone.

I quickly pick it up to avoid my colleagues from knowing who had messaged me. The conversation stopped, laughter silenced, awkward stares thrown over.
"What's the matter, bro?" Fred asked.
"What?" I replied, annoyed while sliding on the screen to open the message.
"You seem agitated."
"No, I don't." before blocking out the disturbances to focus on the screen.

Please not other people.
Please don't let it be Mom asking about what i had for lunch.
PLEASE dont let it be Mr Chew.

[Congratulations! You have won $100,000,000!.....]
Gosh....why!? Argh! Without second thought, the message has been deleted and phone dumped on to the table harshly.

Sitting there without a word, my mind filled with so many confusing and irritating sounds...The jokes and laughter by Fred and all my other colleagues now seems totally evil. I wished they could just shut up.

"What's wrong? Want some donuts?" Fred asked.
"You shuddup..."
"Wow, chill man! What's with the shuddup?"
"Shut up..." I repeated. And more swearing followed... The heat within just burn up suddenly.

I pick up my phone again and opened Facebook. Looking through those photos just sort of cooled down me. How i wish...
*Beep beep* "You've got message!" I quickly open it.

[Hey, sorry for the late reply. Was busy checking through some documents just now. So, what's up?]
[Re: Oh, it's ok. Erm, nothing. Just wondering if anything happened to you. But seems like you're busy, i'll talk to you later.]
[Re: I'm ok, free now. Is there anything important?]
[Re: ............
A smile appeared on his face. While busy clicking on the screen, the smile which appeared on his face never fades.
There's noise and laughters all around
So many distractions...Yet, it all doesn't matter now. The person at the other end may not know, but just that one message, made his day, make everything perfect. What he would really love doing is just smile and message, to that particular person, of course.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover

Guess today, Lord had taught me a very important lesson, again. Though this time, i didnt really suffer any damage.

You know like whenever we meet a person, sure we'll judge him/her straight away. even before they started speaking or what. we judge them and we decided whether to be friends with them or not. If we dont want to be friends at that split second judgement, most probably, we wont talk for a long long time, unless an event happened that force us to talk.

Maybe you dont have that feeling, but my first second judgement is so strong. It's like i know how a person would be like the first glance i had on him/her. If i dont like the feeling, I wont talk to him/her at all. I could have talk to every one else in the world that i had good feeling but not that person. My hypersensitivity....

I had always dont really like...not to say hate...just not very good feeling about a person i've met recently. For such a long period of time, our total conversation could be less than 10 sentences i guess. I dont know why, she didnt do anything bad to me, but i just felt annoyed with her existance.

Though today, something happened. I was so anxious. There's no one that can help me anymore. I had no choice but to ask for her help...She didnt doubt and did her best to assist me without complaining..If I were her, i would have just ignore myself. I mean, why should i help a person who was so ignorant to me? What's my benefit?

I was so grateful of meeting a person like her now. She may not know how did i feel cause i never really showed it out, but Thank you Lord, for showing me-
good deeds without expecting returns.

So next time, without a concrete reason, dont simply judge a person by first impression. The content of that person may be the most wonderful gift you would ever receive.
Like the most common idioms ever sounds: never judge a book by its cover. :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How Blessed!

To anyone who thought I was unusual:

I once thought, being able to come to Taylors to study, How blessed am I? I would never be this blessed again...ever....

I once thought, knowing God and Jesus, in the way i used to know them when i was in secondary school, was the most blessed thing ever again...never would it be better than that...

I was the one who always reject those trying to reach out to me. thinking they are too extreme. Till now, i realised, it'll all truth. It may sound like I'm being HYPNOTIZED or what..but i'll never lie to you on this matter.
Though, till recently, there's so much stuff that happened, so much GOOD stuff that filled me that i dont even know where to start, to thank God, our heavenly father. Yes, our ALMIGHTY Father, who would give so much, so much...even His Son, bless us.


When i was very young, i used to go to Sunday school. Though, i never understand a single word the teacher said. Since i forget when during primary school, i stopped going to sunday school. I just dont see the need. WHY SHOULD I WASTE MY TIME THERE? Doing stuff i don't even understand and i dont care. Praying to an "IMAGINARY" person, whom never seem to matter in my life that time. My life was great, i thought. Great food, great entertainment. No early morning wake up.

Though during Form 2, a very good friend of mine asked me to go to church fellowship. I doubted for so long. Few months i remembered, only i went there, because she offered transportation for me. I thought ok lo, since many of my friends going to that fellowship, i just tag along and play la~~ Though, it wasnt as fun as i thought. It's not about games all the time. I just doesnt seem to fit in. And I dont really feel that I was accepted into that family...

So, I only go to the fellowship once in a blue moon... Then, i did join the Sunday service and church choir, trying very hard to make myself understand all these. To understand what God had done for me. Praying and devotion on my own was totally out of my mind that time....
Still, i thank God, for giving me that chance to at least, be near to Him. At least....

Well, i came to Subang. Fortunately, my friends and I found a church so nearby our house. I was still in doubt at first, to whether should i go to church or not here....i knew study was going to be hard and busy and everything. Well, thank God again, for giving me a friend who FORCED me to go at the beginning. (Though we argued much...I was so rejected at the idea of going to church here)
I do pray to God once in a while, when i remember: Lord, please help me be nearer to you. Lord, please give me the chance to serve you more. Lord, please let me understand you more. Lord, I open my heart to you. Lord, please let me surrender myself fully to you.

Since then, many incidents happened. At first, i still dont realise what is happening. I thought, it was just luck, sheer coincidence. All the achievements and glory He gave me during my secondary period was nothing, i thought. I thought it was all because of my hardwork, my born-genius gene...
Then again and again. I knew something was prompting me...guiding me through my every day life.

Miracles happened again and again. I was awed.

Studies. Friends. Every day life. Church life. and my Heart towards Him.
(Even when i wanted to cross the road, I feared of being knocked. Though, i realised recently, it was almost every time i want to cross, the road emptied...coincidence? think again hmmm..)

Though, i still couldnt say now, that i am TOTALLY 100% perfect for Him. I'll continue praying that, one day, I could be what He want me to be. Because i compared and realised, life before Him was totally worthless. I don't wanna go back that life again. I realised, only with Him, I could achieve great wonders in His name.

Only with Him, i had the courage to write all these down.

Yes, i was once like you.
(I wasnt born genius. I wasnt born friendly. I wasnt like how you know me now)
Though, today, He had chosen me to in part of His family, to be His witness.
And one thing that i can 100% tell you that: Life is perfect for me all because of Lord Jesus.

Dont believe? well, it's up to you then.
But remember, whenever you have a chance like that, dont reject it, just take it from a different prospective, ok, you may not want to believe at first, thinking it is all nonsense, then take it as first.

Cause i have total confidence that, One'll be just like me.

Friday, July 23, 2010


translation: meeting your rival often. (lousy translation...haha)

Have any of you ever experience this: People you want to meet, you wont see them for no matter how hard you try wondering around. But people you dont want to see at all will just keep appearing in front of you.. =.=" yea how... =.=" it is.

This is what happening to me in college lo...and around college.... I will always bump into people I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AND TRY TO AVOID a few times a day. !@#$ that just spoils my mood! it feels really awkward and i dont know what to do. it's like a moment of silence when you see that person, force a smile on your face and walk past, without the will of saying anything!!!!! GARGH!!!!!!!!!!

and people you actually want to see, you call, you sms you did everything you could, you just couldnt get reach of them!!! =.="


Ok, you can say this is my psychological effect. cause i'll always notice people i dont want to meet...but nooooo!!!! i count before. and ACCORDING TO STATISTICS! i do meet people i dont want to see more often....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Waiting

Another thing i realise about college life is:

"The point of going through the weekdays is to get to weekends. "

Really! Jeeyen told me, on monday, dont count to friday, cause that will only make your Monday Blue even worst. Count to wednesday. you'll feel happier. And here's wednesday!!!! just count, 1 more day to friday! :D

Yeap, weekends means no book! shopping! and out there somewhere crazying!!! hahaha.... for the non-nerds of course. To the nerdy ones, you know who you are, sorry to tell you, if you dont want to change, you've been missing out the best part of college life --- WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the whole world agree with me. :)

p/s: thank you so much, my friend. for listening to me, talking about craps, giving me tissue, no matter what. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Breakfast + Experiments

Lazy to go out for breakfast but craves from a nice big one. So even being a total noob in cooking, i decided to make myself happy.
Cheeseham sandwich + salad in balsamic + honey lemon tadaa!! :)

Now in CAL, i'm taking 3 sciences subjects. Bio was really hectic! It has been half a year since i have to stuff my brain with so many terms and facts. though, i still like it very much! With one more science subject, means more experiments! weeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ i love experiements. (though, i now have phobia towards titration already.) I repeated the titration experiment for 9 times in a row!
During Chemistry lesson, gah look like a total =.=" but was so happy after successfully making my synthetic salt!

Bio experiment! food test~~ i love looking at those colours. mixing this and that, and voila! nice colour changes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deja vu

Not being emo but sometimes...staying here is a bit..too quiet. haha..ok, i guess i'll get used to it (always being a person who likes to hide myself up). Listening to Beethoven's classics, facebooking and...10% studying..haha....of course, sometimes, staring into the air and enjoy the peacefulness... :)

I woke up this morning from a dream. That's weird, cause i had never dreamed for a long long time already. It's something about my family but i forgot what is it about, but i'm sure the dream is just a neutral and normal storyline. Cause, no special feelings.

But no to be odd or what, I just have to confess that, my dreams do come true 90% of the time. I'm not being frank really! No matter what type of dream is it, whether a normal daily life scene or out-of-the-world surprising ones, it just does come true. And when it comes true, i knew it (though i may forget it the second i woke up).

Like when i opened the door and saw a person; walking in the mall and saw something awesome and took it up; a breath taking scenery in a place i had never been before i had the dream....etc etc... These all happened before. It gave me goose bumps everything the exactly same scene repeats...

Weird thing, this deja vu.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's a corner of my new apartment. Which i believe i would be stuck at for at least, until the end of this program. :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprising 2010

Warning: Long but super juicy story ahead!

Hey guys, I'm back! well, this time i'm not sure for how long. Well, the story of my life for the past few months or should i say since the start of this year, had been quite.....unbelievable. All shocking and surprising stuffs. Though not all happy, yet it all ended happy.

SO nao!!! i'm happy. :D

K...where to start from?? From January, after i came back from Macau and Singapore, Fiona, Yee Ling and me (of course a few more guys too) came to Subang Jaya, Selangor. Dont know any much ahead of us, we just had been super BLESSED and rented a house directly opposite Taylor's College, our COOL college (where i find so hard to leave later on). Our landlord, Aunty Kim, was a retired nurse, she was super kind. The rental was awesomely cheap and she's like second mom to 3 of us. Wash our clothes, talk to us and taking care of us whenever we fall sick.

We enrolled in South Australian Matriculation (SAM), well more of like Self Abusing Matriculation (and i'm not joking!) Didnt know what to expect, this program which is so called very easy program compared to A Levels IS TOTALLY VERY VERY VERY INFINITY HECTIC!! Assignments and class test literally every week...Compared to our fellow friends in CAL, we dont have much free times. Well it's like study until mati those type of situation.

At first, I was so not used to it. Being stressed and worried that my MARK being deducted every single day i go to school, isn't it sad? Then I realised, it really is like this. SAM. I got used to it, though my assignments werent perfect, i tried my best in those class test. The SAM lecturers are super COOL!!! I SUPER SUPER SUPER love them. :) And about my groupmates, S8...hmmm....I hate you guys!!! Argh!!! You made my life miserable for 5 months! OMG...Lols...K, just kidding. S8 is definitely the BEST CLASS (except some part of it) you could ever dream of. Our lessons were always funny and relaxing...Laughing throughout the day is very common in S8, yet we are not only clowns but very efficient clowns indeed. :D

Class trip to Mount Nuang (10 freaking hours), BBQ, outings with the mere 5 girls in this 30 people group (Engineering class ma...), burning the distillation apparatus with ping kee during chem practical test (shock till O.O) and many many stuffs. These bunch of people change me totally...*gasp* K enough with all those touching stuff...

They made me crazy. =.="

Then all of the sudden, following the releasing of SPM result, i got JPA scholarship.
  • Medicine,
  • twinning to Ireland and Penang Medical College.
  • Bond with government 10 years
  • INTEC 2 years alevels
Well, good news? I'm not even sure! I took it more as a curse rather than a blessing though many people keep congratulating me. I was so confused last time about taking medicine or engineering. And just recently that i had settle my mind into engineering (I love maths and physics so much!) , this this came and made me reconsider everything again.

I finish my semester 1 in SAM and... "forced" to go back while waiting for A levels in INTEC to start. I was so worried. I went for another scholarship to save myself instead. I was so sure that i wanted engineering that I applied for Shell Scholarship and got it. Though local ones, I was still very happy cause at least i had the chance in this field.

But couldnt argue over my parents about that 1 million worth medicine scholarship, I had to prepare to go INTEC instead. Just maybe, i hope, someday i would love this career. I hope I would not regret, it's not like i dont go after my dream. Being a doctor is my dream since very young age until this year only i changed. I once had the passion, I'm lost, I just need to find it back. I was in total dillema.

Talking to my seniors, I'm not sure if I could take the life in INTEC or Medicine or not. Totally worried and everything....My friends encourage me to go after my dream too. Thanks a lot to them for giving me all the support.

But i was like torn in half.

Just 2 days before 4 July, the day I'm suppose to go to INTEC Shah Alam to register, i couldnt sleep the whole night. What am i going to do? I prayed and prayed so hard. Lord, please just answer me, lead me, wherever You wish, though i dont really favor going to "that" direction..please....

The next morning, i went to the dentist. At the second i opened my mouth for the checking, my phone rang. I answered, "Congratulation Christine! You were awarded the Top 30 National Scholarship! So your JPA would be terminated!!!!"


my heart skipped a beat.
Am i dreaming????


"So now, you can choose whatever you want, wherever you want. With more allowances too. Congratulations... "

I nearly fainted. For the first time in my life, I never felt this happy, I never felt as grateful and blessed by Lord before, HE ANSWERED MY PRAYER IN SUCH A SHORT TIME.

This is a miracle.
When everything seems impossible, He save me out. Thank God.

So now, I'm back guys. Back in Subang. Back in Taylor's. Where i am super happy and comfy with...Continuing my studies in CAL and in the process of thinking what to do next...what miracle God would perform on me, again.

p/s: Photos are available in my Facebook account, for friends only. (safety purposes)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Doktor (Day 4 = O&G)

Day 4....We went to the oncology and gynaecology department. There were 3 wards, ward for Sakit Puan, Maternity Ward I and Maternity Ward II. There were only 1 specialist, Dr Ranjit here today and another who was on leave was too kind to come to work also. We have met Dr. Lau, Dr Lim and other HO also. They are all very friendly to us. I super like the maternity ward…haha many pregnant mother and babies!!! We get to chat with those mother who had just gone through labour and look at the little babies…Never saw babies as tiny as this before. Many of them were born last night. There was also a baby as huge as 5kg!!! (Looks like baby of a few months old)

The HO talked to us. He was also a scholarship recipient who studied in Russia. 6 years there. He told us about life there. He said it was ok, studying was fine and the allowance given was really huge amount that he got to travel around the world during winter breaks. And only then I knew the tuition fee in Rusia medical school was much cheaper than Australia! It was approximately RM150,000 only compared to the almost 1mil fee in Australia. My my…But the living expenses there were huge too but please prepare about RM300,000 for that six years if you have the intention to study Medicine there.

Then we went into Labour Room!! Haha. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of mothers there waiting for deliverance and many had just finished. So when we reach there, no screaming was going on but we heard sound of heartbeat of babies in the air.

~Skip the cleaning placenta part ~

(The most interesting part but terrifying normal souls like us. Too much blood.)

When we put on the gloves and mask, we got scolded by a nurse. Well, we deserved it. Because we didn’t know how to put on it properly and didn’t ask for instruction also. So…haha. Fortunately, the scolding was worthy because after that, we were taught in detailed about the way to wash hands, wear and remove gloves and mask. (What we normally do are all wrong!) NEW THING! :D

Then, we spend the whole afternoon in O&G clinic to observe the way of doctors communicating with patients. Soft, tender, not harsh yet professional. Do not get carried away emotionally by patient. Remain calm at all times.

Tomorrow: Specialist Clinic and Closing Ceremony!

p/s: Help..dont want go back KL already. My homework hasn’t touch while most people already finish…!@#$!!!!!!

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 3 = Orthopaedic)

Today went to orthopedic...means...about bones. Anything ortho is bone (i presumed).
Went to the orthopedic ward today. 7 doctors including housemen, medical officer and specialist. In this ward, you can see lots of metal frames and heavy loads around. We went for a round and saw
  • a guy who was just admitted had his hand (behind thumb) slashed open. Tendon cut. Yikes....seems really really painful. Flesh and blood stuck on the dressings.

  • A guy with amputated mother toe. The amputated foot wasnt stitch Flesh and blood again. Plus, bone. This is the first time I saw real bone exposed like that. Because last time when people keep telling me they cut until can see bone inside, i dont get it. Now i do, and it is not a pretty sight, believe me.

  • Woman with amputated leg. I didn't know what her story was but the nurse just told me that when her leg become black, it means it is "dead" already. No oxygen to that part. It had to be amputated as soon as possible, if not, the germs there will spread to other parts of the body and amputated area has to be wider and wider...pity her. But luckily hers is still below knee level. And i learned that we can take off the stitching thread on day 14.

  • Another thing is that, we must not lie on the same position with the same pose for too long time. It will cause the skin on your back to become like rot. A big hole filled with pus will form…partly cause by heat.

  • Today is “soft tissue day”. Most new cases and related to soft tissues (means not bones)

  • We went to the children ward too!!! Saw kids there but pity them also. Sick children.

Oh ya, michelle from chung hua also joined us today. She didn’t notice the letter until yesterday. Well, thank God that I went to check on Sunday. (I think God suddenly told me to go to the website and check… :D)

After ward round, we went to the houseman’s case presentation. :D This is my note which…form less than 1% of what he said, because we do not understand what he was talking about most of the time:
Bone and Joint Infection
Osteomyelitis . TB.

Osteo = Bone. Mye=Marrow. –itis = inflammation
So osteomyelitis is Bone Marrow Inflammation.

It normally occur in thoracalumbar spine in adults. Common in infants born with difficulties. Epiphysis is expanding part of new bone.

Treatment: Dehydration, antibiotic, surgical drainage.

*the houseman was asked to draw lots of diagrams too. So, brush up your arts future doctors!

Then I went back to the ward while my group mates went to have lunch. While waiting for my stomach to become hungry, suddenly the Dr Denny and a HO wanted to do bone traction. (what?? Nevermind, you’ll see later). So, I decided to stay back even though I was hungry already…haha There was a guy with bone fracture at thigh. To make the 2 parts of fractured ferum into a straight line, a metal rod is to be inserted through the tibia and a heavy load is hanged on the metal rod.

The 10 kg is…exaggerating. Don’t know the real weight. But during the operation, the doctor first make a small cut on the skin, blood gushes out and while the rod was bring hammered hardly (literally) into the tibia and out on the other side through the skin, the patient was like “aduh aduh! SAKIT!!! KEJAP!! SAKIT!” (local anaesthetic injected only)…I feel like fainting. Not sure if it is because I was really too hungry or it is too hot there or this is just bloody terrible. Maybe all..haha I decided to walk away and take a breath then go back in again. The doctor ask, “So, you still want medicine?” Lols…I’m not afraid of blood!

After that…I had my lunch straight away. Cannot stand the hunger anymore, how did the doctors starve whole day??
It was more or less like this today. Afternoon we did not do anything… :P

Tomorrow: O&G!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 2 Surgical)

Surgical Department today! Was late by 1 minute today because I went to the school before going to hospital. :P 3 of us spent some time looking for where for we should go but barged into the Operation Theater door instead. But at last found Sister Wong at the Male Surgical Ward.

She gave some briefing and let us follow the Dr Wong, Dr Suraj, Dr Tarek, Dr Kenneth and Dr Chong(houseman) round the ward. We walked from one cubicle to another. The environment in the ward is much calmer than E&T yesterday and most patients there are waiting for surgery or had done it. What the doctors did was to attend to each patient check on their condition upon referring to the previous diagnosis or reports from tests. We were quite confused with the doctors’ conversation actually but made an effort to listen anyway. (all those “terms” =.=”)

Then we went to the Female Surgical Ward. There were fewer patients there. Some with jaundice, gastritis, goitre and finally cancer. We witnessed how the surgeons told the patient that she had tumor. It was hard, you have to be diplomatic, be gentle yet firm at the same time. The patient and her family member started to cry, they keep asking, is there any hope? What if the tumor is removed? Any hope? The surgeon can only tell them, it can be removed but total remove or not, it is not guaranteed but do not give up, there is hope. Yeap, the tender loving side of a doctor. We all have to understand how big the pressure is to tell someone that he/she has cancer or cannot live any longer or things like that. But that’s how a doctor’s career is, a doctor is not a god, a doctor can only do his very best to save a person who depend on him to stay alive.

Then, we went to the Palliative Care Unit. The patients sent to this unit are those like with last stage cancer. The tubes connected are significantly less and the doctors told us this is a unit to let them relieve their pain before they “depart”. The family members of patients here should be prepared but that doesn’t mean give up hope. The doctors still do whatever they can to save the patient. We saw them; some looked ok while 1 was suffering. He was gasping for air literally.

We went to another ward and came back. The one gasping for air had passed away. Shocked. This is the first time whereby 5 minutes ago, he was still alive then the next, gone. The family members all gather around discussed about the funeral. The body was covered by white linen. Then attendant from bilik mayat came and took the body away. We looked at the doctors but they can only continue with what they are doing. Maybe, they are used to it already. As what we have been told, there are 2 things in life that is for sure: 1. Taxes. 2. Death. So, we should accept it as it is.

We also went to Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Yea, saw many complicated machines and tubes inside. The aircond broke down so it was a bit warm inside. The funny thing is, one of the patients inside use magazine to fan herself. Haha…ICU patient fanning herself with magazine, believe me, you can’t imagine how was it. The nurses tried to help her, but she insisted to DIY. But I believe she was quite ok one already, moving to normal ward soon I guess. :D

Afternoon, the doctors are busy doing their paperwork and nothing much happened in the ward. After talking to some of the patients which was really awkward because I don’t know what diseases they had, no knowledge about their diseases and some don’t even know what disease they had. So just a mild chat and I decided to go to the pantry and chat with Sister Wong. Well, I found out she is Sharon Wong’s aunt. Haha. My group mates were at somewhere else chatting with their friends. So I tried to glance through my homework but the weather was too warm and I became so sleepy…At last, I napped in the pantry. Haha… Only after my group mates came by to wake me up only I go walk around the wards again. The ward seems to stink in the afternoon but tolerate with it please.

There was also another family crying and mourning later in the afternoon. Another death case. They follow the attendant who was pushing the body to the bilik mayat while calling out the deceased’s name loudly along the corridor. Sad.

Whole afternoon of walking around the wards then chatting with candidates from O&G and orthopedic department, it’s finally 4pm. Doctor Tarek finally came back and with 3 housemen, he went to round the FMW again. I met Lynn Wei!( Or should I refer her as Dr Wong here. Hehe. ) And 5pm, go home!!!

Today, I had learnt to: communicate with patients, Life and Death.

Tomorrow: Orthopedic Department!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 1 = E&T)

I only knew I had to attend this program yesterday afternoon. Thank God for suddenly letting me have the urge to open the JPA website. Actually I was posted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur because I thought I would be in KL during the time of program. Who knows…it will be this soon and I am back in Miri already. So had this tedious process of calling HKL, JPA and then Hospital Miri to let me transfer here.

So, 9.00 am sharp, reached Hospital Miri main entrance. I think the last time I came here was during primary school because of asthmatic attacks last time. Since it healed, I had never stepped into this placed hence no whatsoever memories. It was a bit dark but peaceful. Typical hospital but with no medication smell. We registered ourselves and sat down in Niah Room. There were 14 of us and luckily, Kevin, Clement, Choon Vui and Tze Kiong were there too. There were student posted from Limbang, Marudi, Lawas and Bintulu too. Ms.Yusliha (if not spelled wrongly) briefed us first. She was very outgoing and friendly that made the whole situation goes from super tense to fun. She told us about the rules and regulations and all sorts of stuff. Then the Ketua Pengarah came and said a few words too. (Mostly about being a doctor not very glamorous and all) Then a senior MO came and advised us to remember to come back to serve Sarawak after graduation if we really DID medicine. Then Dr. Wong, a surgeon came and talked about surgery, not much about that but more on a doctor’s life again. About how we have to sacrifice everything, to help people, no like what shown in TV, have to be really determine to finish medical school and everything. We had a good long talk then.

Enough with that, then we are divided into groups. Was happy because I was assigned to a group with 2 other students from SM Sains. I mean, MEETING NEW FRIENDS AGAIN, yeah!! Haha. They are Charlie and Nur Sharyn. 2 very polite future-doctors-to-be. :D For the first day, our group went to the E&T dept (Emergency and Trauma). Woohoo…was so so excited, because I believe this is the most nervous and busy dept…(I guess only ok, I don’t really know how a hospital operate now) When there and wow, packed with patients. I never knew Hospital Miri would be so busy, patients keep coming in non stop, some urgent, some not, but all “not in a good mood”. I mean of course, who would? They are sick what… We met our first MO, Dr Priscilla Joseph. She’s nice though really really busy (Bear in mind, the ratio of doctor to patient in Malaysia is about 1:300 as told by the senior MO, 300 MAN!!!!!!!) She looked very professional. We also met a medical student posted here from England.

E&T have 3 zone, Green, Yellow and Red. Green is for normal patient. Yellow is where most emergency cases enter after the primary triage. We saw a lot of people there and it stinks at first, but we got used to it after that. We also visit the Bilik Pemerhatian for stable patients under observation.

I saw:

  • How they take blood sample (looks like a painful process, I don’t know…) Even baby had to do so and he cried like no tomorrow. But we have to be careful not to touch the blood with bare hands because blood is very dangerous.
  • People having sodium chloride and dextrose infusion. Helped a patient to carry her infusion pack while she goes to toilet…lols..
  • Patient with swollen eyes (Something opaque blocked the whole eye ball which reminds me of Saul. Haha)
  • Patient with heart problem (The nurses measure the heart electric impulse by sticking some suction clips with gel onto the chest...k la, i'm sakai, never saw it before k...)
  • Patient with ehem…genital part problem. What should I say, this is the first time I look at people’s genital part. I mean, directly. It was a bit awkward at first, but the med. Student say we should just get use to it. K fine. We actually saw a few more patient with this type of problem after that
  • Patient who was unconscious being sent here and the MA (Medical assistant) keep pumping air into him.
  • People who was sent in due to car and domestic accidents. Saw the MAs help them clean and sew up the wound.

I can’t sit still the whole day. Charlie and Sharyn were already tired and sitting there but I keep running around…look here look there… :p

The ambulance from Berkenu, Limbang and Miri were coming in non stop. I did make an effort to ask an ambulance driver if i could have a ride in the ambulance but...who knows, asked the wrong driver, he was the Limbang Ambulance driver. Haha....

And lastly, this is really due to my ignorance. There was a guy sent in with breathing difficulties. So I was standing right beside his bed. He was unconscious. Then a MA came in, he pointed ILI with his fingers to me. What? What ILI? Then he went away. I continue looking that guy. Dr Michael, another MO came in and told me, “He got ILI o..” I was like “What?” “You don’t know what is ILI?” “No” I replied, still smiling… “We suspect he got H1N1.” AAAA, I ran away immediately. Lols. I know if I really want to be a doctor, no matter what type of disease it is, I should face it. But man, I have no mental preparation at all for this… (haha and no mask) So I quickly grabbed a mask from sister and put on after that…gosh…haha…

DEFEATED? No!!!! Instead, this made me even more interested about this whole career. Back to medicine field? Erm...let's talk about that after this 5 days program.

Tomorrow: Surgery Department!!!