Monday, March 22, 2010

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 1 = E&T)

I only knew I had to attend this program yesterday afternoon. Thank God for suddenly letting me have the urge to open the JPA website. Actually I was posted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur because I thought I would be in KL during the time of program. Who knows…it will be this soon and I am back in Miri already. So had this tedious process of calling HKL, JPA and then Hospital Miri to let me transfer here.

So, 9.00 am sharp, reached Hospital Miri main entrance. I think the last time I came here was during primary school because of asthmatic attacks last time. Since it healed, I had never stepped into this placed hence no whatsoever memories. It was a bit dark but peaceful. Typical hospital but with no medication smell. We registered ourselves and sat down in Niah Room. There were 14 of us and luckily, Kevin, Clement, Choon Vui and Tze Kiong were there too. There were student posted from Limbang, Marudi, Lawas and Bintulu too. Ms.Yusliha (if not spelled wrongly) briefed us first. She was very outgoing and friendly that made the whole situation goes from super tense to fun. She told us about the rules and regulations and all sorts of stuff. Then the Ketua Pengarah came and said a few words too. (Mostly about being a doctor not very glamorous and all) Then a senior MO came and advised us to remember to come back to serve Sarawak after graduation if we really DID medicine. Then Dr. Wong, a surgeon came and talked about surgery, not much about that but more on a doctor’s life again. About how we have to sacrifice everything, to help people, no like what shown in TV, have to be really determine to finish medical school and everything. We had a good long talk then.

Enough with that, then we are divided into groups. Was happy because I was assigned to a group with 2 other students from SM Sains. I mean, MEETING NEW FRIENDS AGAIN, yeah!! Haha. They are Charlie and Nur Sharyn. 2 very polite future-doctors-to-be. :D For the first day, our group went to the E&T dept (Emergency and Trauma). Woohoo…was so so excited, because I believe this is the most nervous and busy dept…(I guess only ok, I don’t really know how a hospital operate now) When there and wow, packed with patients. I never knew Hospital Miri would be so busy, patients keep coming in non stop, some urgent, some not, but all “not in a good mood”. I mean of course, who would? They are sick what… We met our first MO, Dr Priscilla Joseph. She’s nice though really really busy (Bear in mind, the ratio of doctor to patient in Malaysia is about 1:300 as told by the senior MO, 300 MAN!!!!!!!) She looked very professional. We also met a medical student posted here from England.

E&T have 3 zone, Green, Yellow and Red. Green is for normal patient. Yellow is where most emergency cases enter after the primary triage. We saw a lot of people there and it stinks at first, but we got used to it after that. We also visit the Bilik Pemerhatian for stable patients under observation.

I saw:

  • How they take blood sample (looks like a painful process, I don’t know…) Even baby had to do so and he cried like no tomorrow. But we have to be careful not to touch the blood with bare hands because blood is very dangerous.
  • People having sodium chloride and dextrose infusion. Helped a patient to carry her infusion pack while she goes to toilet…lols..
  • Patient with swollen eyes (Something opaque blocked the whole eye ball which reminds me of Saul. Haha)
  • Patient with heart problem (The nurses measure the heart electric impulse by sticking some suction clips with gel onto the chest...k la, i'm sakai, never saw it before k...)
  • Patient with ehem…genital part problem. What should I say, this is the first time I look at people’s genital part. I mean, directly. It was a bit awkward at first, but the med. Student say we should just get use to it. K fine. We actually saw a few more patient with this type of problem after that
  • Patient who was unconscious being sent here and the MA (Medical assistant) keep pumping air into him.
  • People who was sent in due to car and domestic accidents. Saw the MAs help them clean and sew up the wound.

I can’t sit still the whole day. Charlie and Sharyn were already tired and sitting there but I keep running around…look here look there… :p

The ambulance from Berkenu, Limbang and Miri were coming in non stop. I did make an effort to ask an ambulance driver if i could have a ride in the ambulance but...who knows, asked the wrong driver, he was the Limbang Ambulance driver. Haha....

And lastly, this is really due to my ignorance. There was a guy sent in with breathing difficulties. So I was standing right beside his bed. He was unconscious. Then a MA came in, he pointed ILI with his fingers to me. What? What ILI? Then he went away. I continue looking that guy. Dr Michael, another MO came in and told me, “He got ILI o..” I was like “What?” “You don’t know what is ILI?” “No” I replied, still smiling… “We suspect he got H1N1.” AAAA, I ran away immediately. Lols. I know if I really want to be a doctor, no matter what type of disease it is, I should face it. But man, I have no mental preparation at all for this… (haha and no mask) So I quickly grabbed a mask from sister and put on after that…gosh…haha…

DEFEATED? No!!!! Instead, this made me even more interested about this whole career. Back to medicine field? Erm...let's talk about that after this 5 days program.

Tomorrow: Surgery Department!!!


Chai Jiin Chern said...

wow so many things to see in hospital=.="
probably you will see dead people in the following few days?

Joash (the alien magician) said...

Argh ur making me miserable XD

In Melaka, we didn't even get to SEE any wonderfully gory stuff, so be thankful u HAVE got the experience.