Thursday, March 25, 2010

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 3 = Orthopaedic)

Today went to orthopedic...means...about bones. Anything ortho is bone (i presumed).
Went to the orthopedic ward today. 7 doctors including housemen, medical officer and specialist. In this ward, you can see lots of metal frames and heavy loads around. We went for a round and saw
  • a guy who was just admitted had his hand (behind thumb) slashed open. Tendon cut. Yikes....seems really really painful. Flesh and blood stuck on the dressings.

  • A guy with amputated mother toe. The amputated foot wasnt stitch Flesh and blood again. Plus, bone. This is the first time I saw real bone exposed like that. Because last time when people keep telling me they cut until can see bone inside, i dont get it. Now i do, and it is not a pretty sight, believe me.

  • Woman with amputated leg. I didn't know what her story was but the nurse just told me that when her leg become black, it means it is "dead" already. No oxygen to that part. It had to be amputated as soon as possible, if not, the germs there will spread to other parts of the body and amputated area has to be wider and wider...pity her. But luckily hers is still below knee level. And i learned that we can take off the stitching thread on day 14.

  • Another thing is that, we must not lie on the same position with the same pose for too long time. It will cause the skin on your back to become like rot. A big hole filled with pus will form…partly cause by heat.

  • Today is “soft tissue day”. Most new cases and related to soft tissues (means not bones)

  • We went to the children ward too!!! Saw kids there but pity them also. Sick children.

Oh ya, michelle from chung hua also joined us today. She didn’t notice the letter until yesterday. Well, thank God that I went to check on Sunday. (I think God suddenly told me to go to the website and check… :D)

After ward round, we went to the houseman’s case presentation. :D This is my note which…form less than 1% of what he said, because we do not understand what he was talking about most of the time:
Bone and Joint Infection
Osteomyelitis . TB.

Osteo = Bone. Mye=Marrow. –itis = inflammation
So osteomyelitis is Bone Marrow Inflammation.

It normally occur in thoracalumbar spine in adults. Common in infants born with difficulties. Epiphysis is expanding part of new bone.

Treatment: Dehydration, antibiotic, surgical drainage.

*the houseman was asked to draw lots of diagrams too. So, brush up your arts future doctors!

Then I went back to the ward while my group mates went to have lunch. While waiting for my stomach to become hungry, suddenly the Dr Denny and a HO wanted to do bone traction. (what?? Nevermind, you’ll see later). So, I decided to stay back even though I was hungry already…haha There was a guy with bone fracture at thigh. To make the 2 parts of fractured ferum into a straight line, a metal rod is to be inserted through the tibia and a heavy load is hanged on the metal rod.

The 10 kg is…exaggerating. Don’t know the real weight. But during the operation, the doctor first make a small cut on the skin, blood gushes out and while the rod was bring hammered hardly (literally) into the tibia and out on the other side through the skin, the patient was like “aduh aduh! SAKIT!!! KEJAP!! SAKIT!” (local anaesthetic injected only)…I feel like fainting. Not sure if it is because I was really too hungry or it is too hot there or this is just bloody terrible. Maybe all..haha I decided to walk away and take a breath then go back in again. The doctor ask, “So, you still want medicine?” Lols…I’m not afraid of blood!

After that…I had my lunch straight away. Cannot stand the hunger anymore, how did the doctors starve whole day??
It was more or less like this today. Afternoon we did not do anything… :P

Tomorrow: O&G!!!!!

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