Friday, July 23, 2010


translation: meeting your rival often. (lousy translation...haha)

Have any of you ever experience this: People you want to meet, you wont see them for no matter how hard you try wondering around. But people you dont want to see at all will just keep appearing in front of you.. =.=" yea how... =.=" it is.

This is what happening to me in college lo...and around college.... I will always bump into people I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AND TRY TO AVOID a few times a day. !@#$ that just spoils my mood! it feels really awkward and i dont know what to do. it's like a moment of silence when you see that person, force a smile on your face and walk past, without the will of saying anything!!!!! GARGH!!!!!!!!!!

and people you actually want to see, you call, you sms you did everything you could, you just couldnt get reach of them!!! =.="


Ok, you can say this is my psychological effect. cause i'll always notice people i dont want to meet...but nooooo!!!! i count before. and ACCORDING TO STATISTICS! i do meet people i dont want to see more often....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Waiting

Another thing i realise about college life is:

"The point of going through the weekdays is to get to weekends. "

Really! Jeeyen told me, on monday, dont count to friday, cause that will only make your Monday Blue even worst. Count to wednesday. you'll feel happier. And here's wednesday!!!! just count, 1 more day to friday! :D

Yeap, weekends means no book! shopping! and out there somewhere crazying!!! hahaha.... for the non-nerds of course. To the nerdy ones, you know who you are, sorry to tell you, if you dont want to change, you've been missing out the best part of college life --- WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the whole world agree with me. :)

p/s: thank you so much, my friend. for listening to me, talking about craps, giving me tissue, no matter what. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Breakfast + Experiments

Lazy to go out for breakfast but craves from a nice big one. So even being a total noob in cooking, i decided to make myself happy.
Cheeseham sandwich + salad in balsamic + honey lemon tadaa!! :)

Now in CAL, i'm taking 3 sciences subjects. Bio was really hectic! It has been half a year since i have to stuff my brain with so many terms and facts. though, i still like it very much! With one more science subject, means more experiments! weeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ i love experiements. (though, i now have phobia towards titration already.) I repeated the titration experiment for 9 times in a row!
During Chemistry lesson, gah look like a total =.=" but was so happy after successfully making my synthetic salt!

Bio experiment! food test~~ i love looking at those colours. mixing this and that, and voila! nice colour changes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deja vu

Not being emo but sometimes...staying here is a bit..too quiet. haha..ok, i guess i'll get used to it (always being a person who likes to hide myself up). Listening to Beethoven's classics, facebooking and...10% studying..haha....of course, sometimes, staring into the air and enjoy the peacefulness... :)

I woke up this morning from a dream. That's weird, cause i had never dreamed for a long long time already. It's something about my family but i forgot what is it about, but i'm sure the dream is just a neutral and normal storyline. Cause, no special feelings.

But no to be odd or what, I just have to confess that, my dreams do come true 90% of the time. I'm not being frank really! No matter what type of dream is it, whether a normal daily life scene or out-of-the-world surprising ones, it just does come true. And when it comes true, i knew it (though i may forget it the second i woke up).

Like when i opened the door and saw a person; walking in the mall and saw something awesome and took it up; a breath taking scenery in a place i had never been before i had the dream....etc etc... These all happened before. It gave me goose bumps everything the exactly same scene repeats...

Weird thing, this deja vu.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's a corner of my new apartment. Which i believe i would be stuck at for at least, until the end of this program. :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprising 2010

Warning: Long but super juicy story ahead!

Hey guys, I'm back! well, this time i'm not sure for how long. Well, the story of my life for the past few months or should i say since the start of this year, had been quite.....unbelievable. All shocking and surprising stuffs. Though not all happy, yet it all ended happy.

SO nao!!! i'm happy. :D

K...where to start from?? From January, after i came back from Macau and Singapore, Fiona, Yee Ling and me (of course a few more guys too) came to Subang Jaya, Selangor. Dont know any much ahead of us, we just had been super BLESSED and rented a house directly opposite Taylor's College, our COOL college (where i find so hard to leave later on). Our landlord, Aunty Kim, was a retired nurse, she was super kind. The rental was awesomely cheap and she's like second mom to 3 of us. Wash our clothes, talk to us and taking care of us whenever we fall sick.

We enrolled in South Australian Matriculation (SAM), well more of like Self Abusing Matriculation (and i'm not joking!) Didnt know what to expect, this program which is so called very easy program compared to A Levels IS TOTALLY VERY VERY VERY INFINITY HECTIC!! Assignments and class test literally every week...Compared to our fellow friends in CAL, we dont have much free times. Well it's like study until mati those type of situation.

At first, I was so not used to it. Being stressed and worried that my MARK being deducted every single day i go to school, isn't it sad? Then I realised, it really is like this. SAM. I got used to it, though my assignments werent perfect, i tried my best in those class test. The SAM lecturers are super COOL!!! I SUPER SUPER SUPER love them. :) And about my groupmates, S8...hmmm....I hate you guys!!! Argh!!! You made my life miserable for 5 months! OMG...Lols...K, just kidding. S8 is definitely the BEST CLASS (except some part of it) you could ever dream of. Our lessons were always funny and relaxing...Laughing throughout the day is very common in S8, yet we are not only clowns but very efficient clowns indeed. :D

Class trip to Mount Nuang (10 freaking hours), BBQ, outings with the mere 5 girls in this 30 people group (Engineering class ma...), burning the distillation apparatus with ping kee during chem practical test (shock till O.O) and many many stuffs. These bunch of people change me totally...*gasp* K enough with all those touching stuff...

They made me crazy. =.="

Then all of the sudden, following the releasing of SPM result, i got JPA scholarship.
  • Medicine,
  • twinning to Ireland and Penang Medical College.
  • Bond with government 10 years
  • INTEC 2 years alevels
Well, good news? I'm not even sure! I took it more as a curse rather than a blessing though many people keep congratulating me. I was so confused last time about taking medicine or engineering. And just recently that i had settle my mind into engineering (I love maths and physics so much!) , this this came and made me reconsider everything again.

I finish my semester 1 in SAM and... "forced" to go back while waiting for A levels in INTEC to start. I was so worried. I went for another scholarship to save myself instead. I was so sure that i wanted engineering that I applied for Shell Scholarship and got it. Though local ones, I was still very happy cause at least i had the chance in this field.

But couldnt argue over my parents about that 1 million worth medicine scholarship, I had to prepare to go INTEC instead. Just maybe, i hope, someday i would love this career. I hope I would not regret, it's not like i dont go after my dream. Being a doctor is my dream since very young age until this year only i changed. I once had the passion, I'm lost, I just need to find it back. I was in total dillema.

Talking to my seniors, I'm not sure if I could take the life in INTEC or Medicine or not. Totally worried and everything....My friends encourage me to go after my dream too. Thanks a lot to them for giving me all the support.

But i was like torn in half.

Just 2 days before 4 July, the day I'm suppose to go to INTEC Shah Alam to register, i couldnt sleep the whole night. What am i going to do? I prayed and prayed so hard. Lord, please just answer me, lead me, wherever You wish, though i dont really favor going to "that" direction..please....

The next morning, i went to the dentist. At the second i opened my mouth for the checking, my phone rang. I answered, "Congratulation Christine! You were awarded the Top 30 National Scholarship! So your JPA would be terminated!!!!"


my heart skipped a beat.
Am i dreaming????


"So now, you can choose whatever you want, wherever you want. With more allowances too. Congratulations... "

I nearly fainted. For the first time in my life, I never felt this happy, I never felt as grateful and blessed by Lord before, HE ANSWERED MY PRAYER IN SUCH A SHORT TIME.

This is a miracle.
When everything seems impossible, He save me out. Thank God.

So now, I'm back guys. Back in Subang. Back in Taylor's. Where i am super happy and comfy with...Continuing my studies in CAL and in the process of thinking what to do next...what miracle God would perform on me, again.

p/s: Photos are available in my Facebook account, for friends only. (safety purposes)