Friday, July 23, 2010


translation: meeting your rival often. (lousy translation...haha)

Have any of you ever experience this: People you want to meet, you wont see them for no matter how hard you try wondering around. But people you dont want to see at all will just keep appearing in front of you.. =.=" yea how... =.=" it is.

This is what happening to me in college lo...and around college.... I will always bump into people I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AND TRY TO AVOID a few times a day. !@#$ that just spoils my mood! it feels really awkward and i dont know what to do. it's like a moment of silence when you see that person, force a smile on your face and walk past, without the will of saying anything!!!!! GARGH!!!!!!!!!!

and people you actually want to see, you call, you sms you did everything you could, you just couldnt get reach of them!!! =.="


Ok, you can say this is my psychological effect. cause i'll always notice people i dont want to meet...but nooooo!!!! i count before. and ACCORDING TO STATISTICS! i do meet people i dont want to see more often....