Monday, August 09, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover

Guess today, Lord had taught me a very important lesson, again. Though this time, i didnt really suffer any damage.

You know like whenever we meet a person, sure we'll judge him/her straight away. even before they started speaking or what. we judge them and we decided whether to be friends with them or not. If we dont want to be friends at that split second judgement, most probably, we wont talk for a long long time, unless an event happened that force us to talk.

Maybe you dont have that feeling, but my first second judgement is so strong. It's like i know how a person would be like the first glance i had on him/her. If i dont like the feeling, I wont talk to him/her at all. I could have talk to every one else in the world that i had good feeling but not that person. My hypersensitivity....

I had always dont really like...not to say hate...just not very good feeling about a person i've met recently. For such a long period of time, our total conversation could be less than 10 sentences i guess. I dont know why, she didnt do anything bad to me, but i just felt annoyed with her existance.

Though today, something happened. I was so anxious. There's no one that can help me anymore. I had no choice but to ask for her help...She didnt doubt and did her best to assist me without complaining..If I were her, i would have just ignore myself. I mean, why should i help a person who was so ignorant to me? What's my benefit?

I was so grateful of meeting a person like her now. She may not know how did i feel cause i never really showed it out, but Thank you Lord, for showing me-
good deeds without expecting returns.

So next time, without a concrete reason, dont simply judge a person by first impression. The content of that person may be the most wonderful gift you would ever receive.
Like the most common idioms ever sounds: never judge a book by its cover. :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How Blessed!

To anyone who thought I was unusual:

I once thought, being able to come to Taylors to study, How blessed am I? I would never be this blessed again...ever....

I once thought, knowing God and Jesus, in the way i used to know them when i was in secondary school, was the most blessed thing ever again...never would it be better than that...

I was the one who always reject those trying to reach out to me. thinking they are too extreme. Till now, i realised, it'll all truth. It may sound like I'm being HYPNOTIZED or what..but i'll never lie to you on this matter.
Though, till recently, there's so much stuff that happened, so much GOOD stuff that filled me that i dont even know where to start, to thank God, our heavenly father. Yes, our ALMIGHTY Father, who would give so much, so much...even His Son, bless us.


When i was very young, i used to go to Sunday school. Though, i never understand a single word the teacher said. Since i forget when during primary school, i stopped going to sunday school. I just dont see the need. WHY SHOULD I WASTE MY TIME THERE? Doing stuff i don't even understand and i dont care. Praying to an "IMAGINARY" person, whom never seem to matter in my life that time. My life was great, i thought. Great food, great entertainment. No early morning wake up.

Though during Form 2, a very good friend of mine asked me to go to church fellowship. I doubted for so long. Few months i remembered, only i went there, because she offered transportation for me. I thought ok lo, since many of my friends going to that fellowship, i just tag along and play la~~ Though, it wasnt as fun as i thought. It's not about games all the time. I just doesnt seem to fit in. And I dont really feel that I was accepted into that family...

So, I only go to the fellowship once in a blue moon... Then, i did join the Sunday service and church choir, trying very hard to make myself understand all these. To understand what God had done for me. Praying and devotion on my own was totally out of my mind that time....
Still, i thank God, for giving me that chance to at least, be near to Him. At least....

Well, i came to Subang. Fortunately, my friends and I found a church so nearby our house. I was still in doubt at first, to whether should i go to church or not here....i knew study was going to be hard and busy and everything. Well, thank God again, for giving me a friend who FORCED me to go at the beginning. (Though we argued much...I was so rejected at the idea of going to church here)
I do pray to God once in a while, when i remember: Lord, please help me be nearer to you. Lord, please give me the chance to serve you more. Lord, please let me understand you more. Lord, I open my heart to you. Lord, please let me surrender myself fully to you.

Since then, many incidents happened. At first, i still dont realise what is happening. I thought, it was just luck, sheer coincidence. All the achievements and glory He gave me during my secondary period was nothing, i thought. I thought it was all because of my hardwork, my born-genius gene...
Then again and again. I knew something was prompting me...guiding me through my every day life.

Miracles happened again and again. I was awed.

Studies. Friends. Every day life. Church life. and my Heart towards Him.
(Even when i wanted to cross the road, I feared of being knocked. Though, i realised recently, it was almost every time i want to cross, the road emptied...coincidence? think again hmmm..)

Though, i still couldnt say now, that i am TOTALLY 100% perfect for Him. I'll continue praying that, one day, I could be what He want me to be. Because i compared and realised, life before Him was totally worthless. I don't wanna go back that life again. I realised, only with Him, I could achieve great wonders in His name.

Only with Him, i had the courage to write all these down.

Yes, i was once like you.
(I wasnt born genius. I wasnt born friendly. I wasnt like how you know me now)
Though, today, He had chosen me to in part of His family, to be His witness.
And one thing that i can 100% tell you that: Life is perfect for me all because of Lord Jesus.

Dont believe? well, it's up to you then.
But remember, whenever you have a chance like that, dont reject it, just take it from a different prospective, ok, you may not want to believe at first, thinking it is all nonsense, then take it as first.

Cause i have total confidence that, One'll be just like me.