Monday, August 09, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover

Guess today, Lord had taught me a very important lesson, again. Though this time, i didnt really suffer any damage.

You know like whenever we meet a person, sure we'll judge him/her straight away. even before they started speaking or what. we judge them and we decided whether to be friends with them or not. If we dont want to be friends at that split second judgement, most probably, we wont talk for a long long time, unless an event happened that force us to talk.

Maybe you dont have that feeling, but my first second judgement is so strong. It's like i know how a person would be like the first glance i had on him/her. If i dont like the feeling, I wont talk to him/her at all. I could have talk to every one else in the world that i had good feeling but not that person. My hypersensitivity....

I had always dont really like...not to say hate...just not very good feeling about a person i've met recently. For such a long period of time, our total conversation could be less than 10 sentences i guess. I dont know why, she didnt do anything bad to me, but i just felt annoyed with her existance.

Though today, something happened. I was so anxious. There's no one that can help me anymore. I had no choice but to ask for her help...She didnt doubt and did her best to assist me without complaining..If I were her, i would have just ignore myself. I mean, why should i help a person who was so ignorant to me? What's my benefit?

I was so grateful of meeting a person like her now. She may not know how did i feel cause i never really showed it out, but Thank you Lord, for showing me-
good deeds without expecting returns.

So next time, without a concrete reason, dont simply judge a person by first impression. The content of that person may be the most wonderful gift you would ever receive.
Like the most common idioms ever sounds: never judge a book by its cover. :)