Monday, September 13, 2010

Precious Baby

Afetr having a hard time searching high and low in the hospital, which is not very large scale, we finally found her name on the sign board outside one of the wards - Special Care Unit.

Barging through the doors, we have no idea what does special care unit does. All i realised is, the biggest difference is this unit have super cooling air conds but others dont. Still confused, where on the earth are we going to find her in such a big ward. Nurses at the side are giving us weird glances while the doctors are just too busy to mind random people like us... Oh, the whole ward was in blue shadow of UV lights too.

Finally, we saw her in the pantry. She seems tiny now, very different from how i first saw her. Standing there, staring into the air with the ugly green hospital "sarong". Hmmm....We have decided to wake her out from the gloomy day dreaming. Her eyes suddenly brighten up, smile appears and greeting us with hugs. But in a split second, the worries that was there few seconds ago return.

"Oh, you guys can not come in here. Let us go out of this ward and talk." She urged us to go out immediately. It was because the nurses here aren't very friendly, you know. No strangers are suppose to be in the SPECIAL CARE units. Yea, I understand. Babies are delicate, fragile..what more to say, these precious babies?

Her tummy still swelling though, and her walking was more of like trotting?? Haha, i do not know how to describe, it's just well, you just have a big "crack" on your bottom. It must be painful. Ouch!* We talked outside. She was happy to see us. She said, she thought her baby and her could be discharged today, but who knows, the baby suddenly turns yellow due to some complications during delivery. Jaundice, eh? So, the little baby girl had no choice but to go "tanning". There wasnt enough beds inside too, so she had to sleep on the floor. This is bad, really bad! I mean, how could a hospital ask patients to sleep on the floor?! Hhhhm.... I believe, all of us are willing to spend whatever cost it takes to get back our health, so if I were her, i would sue the hospital straight away man.... Her family came to visit her before, but same case, they could not go into the unit, so, they had rush back to their flights without even having a glance of the newborn.

After half an hour of talk, the Dad was here. We congratulated him, for having a baby at such age. And without a name given yet, the baby was labelled "Precious Baby" in front of her little high tech cradle with 3 blue UV lights "hovering" over. The visiting time is over too, we have to move. Last advices given to this new mother, though i can clearly see the worries she is trying to hide from us. If the illness continues, there might be brain damages. Which mother wouldnt be worried?

"I'll pray for you." Then we left.

At such age, it is a wonder that this couple got what they had been dreaming of, day and night. A baby of their own, to bring joy, to inherit their characteristics, a human that belongs to them.
Literally, a Precious Baby.

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