Saturday, October 02, 2010

gentlemen-ness, always the best policy.

I went down my apartment to get some water just now. Just before I walk out the safety door, we are suppose to press a button to unlock it. There was a Caucasian in front of me, he pressed the button, went out, pause for a while and continue. He was talking on a phone. I quickly follow him out too so i wont have to press the button again to unlock the door. He saw me and immediately paused his conversation on the phone, turn back and apologised to me. First, i was literally like, "what? why?" He was "urhmm...the door..i didnt...." "OH!! THE DOOR HA?? It's TOTALLY OK!!!!" lols...that's was almost the exact words i said. He apologised for not helping me stopping the door from closing. How polite is that.....Haha, ok, my main point is, see how his politeness and gentleman-ness immediately make me feels good about this person?

How it just melts a lady's heart.
You dont have to be good looking, rich or charismatic or whatever it is.. To catch a woman's heart,
first step, be a gentleman. Be 细心, be careful, be tender and be observant in any you do. It doesnt have to be big, but small acts like,
  • offer your jacket when she's cold (without her yelling cold first)
  • tune down the radio and lower air cond fan speed when she falls asleep in your car
  • help her to carry her books/stuffs etc, even when she says it's not heavy
  • when sending her back, make sure she enters her house and is safe and sound then only you leave
etc etc...
Guys, doing these doesnt mean that you are interested in that girl or what, but it's you are suppose to grow up, be a man, no, a gentleman. There's girl in every ladies heart, the girl who wished so hard to be a princess, so go on, make every girl feels like a princess. Then you'll see how different they would treat you. People are like mirrors, we reflect what people told us and treat us. So in return, we would feed your ego-ness too, good deal, right?

Every guy labelled themselves gentleman.
Cause they go to the gents.


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Marolade said...

I totally agree. People keep saying Chivalry's dead. Chivalry's not dead. Men just stopped trying... But a little kindness from a stranger goes a long way, and one single kind act brightens a stranger's whole day :)