Friday, October 29, 2010


(One of my friends keep mentioning this words this few days hmm....)
When thinking about choosing the pathway of life, at such young age, how would anyone be sure that they wouldnt be regret in their later life? I mean, how they know what they would want to be and would be in the far far unforseen days?

I know many of my peers are worrying about the university courses they will be taking soon and the career pathway, my juniors too and just maybe, my seniors. How sure are you about the type of job you wanna be stuck with your entire life? or at least, the type to start off your working day? the job that earn you your first pay check? But maybe choosing the university courses is not that important, neglecting the amount of money involved, because that's what the wise man says,"you may not stuck with the same job your whole life." Take a turn around the corner, some day, some where in your life when you are sick of your job or you have seen better opportunity.

True. Maybe, i should not consider and worry that much.

But the irony i would like to say here isn't about university courses, rather... the irony that some silly girl would face, would worry about - yea, silly girl like me.

During my grandma's younger days, she had not much choice or opportunity to decide her life. Every one was just following the norms. She was not allowed to start her own career nor enjoying higher education. So, she made the best out of her life by being a perfect wife, mother and grandma that took care of this big family. But during my mom's days, she was given a choice of having tertiary education. She was given a choice of having a stand in the society who started to realise the importance of gender equality, to voice out her own opinion and to work outside home. Then, it's my time.

So then i was thinking, how lucky we, girls are today compared to the fore generations. Yes, i mean, not the say lucky, but gender equality should be there since long time ago! It should be a SUPPOSE, not what we got from a "lucky draw". It is a fact that now we have 2 choice, to be housewife or to join the working force and compete against men. Both have their advantages and disadvantages right? Well, obviously for me and any friend of mine would know my clear and absolute decision is the later one. That's how i am built! Being rebellious, kiasu and ambitious, staying at home, clean the house and take care of the kids are definitely not my priority nor consideration, AT ALL. I need to get out, i need to have my own career, i NEED to own my own multinational company, NEED to earn my own billions and many dreams. Dreams of independence, without relying on my better half. So, there's some truth in daily horoscope - Capricorns always prioritise ambition and work than anything else. Anything that separates me from my dreams shall be destroy! (lols but i'm serious)

Then this morning, when i was on my way to college, i saw a car driving out from the car garage of a terrace house. An indian woman opened the gate and stand by the open gate, waving at the driver. That smile on her face, as if nothing else in this world is more satisfying than watching her husband go off to work every morning and then clean the house, making sure everything under that roof is in order. Yes, sometimes I wonder too, what a peaceful life it is. No competition, no worries about how the stock market goes or !@#$ !@#$ employees or anything while the working moms out there are struggling to balance between family and work, worry about how the kids are not properly educated and also about the dateline for projects at work. There's no time to clean the house or cook a proper, nutritious meal. Every time your husband come back, either you are still at some work-related event or you are too exhausted..asleep or still in front of the computer screen continuing your work because of the new kiasu colleague at work. Worst to worst, your husband don't understand your work. (Lucky then if both are in the same field) The home sweet home might be not that sweet anymore.
So there's the irony. Wanting a peaceful life or an adrenaline saturated, competitive working life?
I.......still choose the later one. Confining me in a space is a NO!!! I need challenges!
That's whhy whenever my conversations with friends touches this topic, my answer would always be, "Wait la, till i get my PhD, own my company and buy a multibillion mansion on the hill."

So, i do look forward to meet you, my competitor, in the top notch society in near future! ;)

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find a husband and get married,haha.