Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life's Greatest Lesson: Dont Complain, Appreciate. (Practical)

I’m so glad that my mom came to visit me this weekend. Though stonning at genting, it is also a very enjoyable moment. Cause I never knew sometimes, being idle is also… so relaxing. I was just sitting there with my laptop on, “Life Greatest Lessons” book in my hand, though my mind was empty, with eyes staring into the air. People with so much laughter and fun passed by every second. My first visit to genting was a happy and memorable one, but with a sad burden, that time. Though, I will never forget it. A few more times followed after that, every time I played until mad. Screamed and shouted until I lost my voice. This time, I just chose to sit at starbucks.

Then, I paid a visit to University Malaya today. Never knew I had the chance to step foot into that old legend of our country. My uncle who is a cardiac surgeon once studied there. I always heard about it from textbooks and photos and tvs, but never expected to come here today. Actually, my sole purpose of coming to UM wasn’t just to randomly walk round, rather to visit a very special person, someone whom I haven’t seen for such a long time – My blind cousin, Ah Yao. Yes, he is blind, in fact, all his siblings are blind. Though, instead of giving up himself, he fought for his rights. He studied hard, topped in the list of SPM scorers among the people with special abilities. And there he is, with government scholarship, came here to pursue his dream of a humble yet noble profession – A teacher. He is taking his degree in Malay Studies.

I haven’t seen him for few years, 3 years minimum. He is a few years elder than me. We saw him walking from his hostel afar, following the yellow guidelines on the road with his walking stick. Properly dressed, of course. He could recognize the voice of every single person there, even after such a long period. We had a conversation with him. Those moments, sense of pitifulness and empathy was nowhere sawn; instead, the courage and honorable traits just shone through his eyes though the cornea turned fully white and opaque.

Rarely do I have the chance to meet a person who appreciates life so much, making the best out of it instead of complaining and grabbing every opportunity offered. He was staying with another blind guy from Sarawak in his hostel at UM. I was wondering, how 2 guys with sight disabilities stay together? THEIR ROOM WAS SO NEAT!!! Much cleaner than mine, haha. Shame on me I guess. They have 2 laptops on the table too and 2 very high end printers.

We snapped a few photos and left. Don’t know when can we meet again. I hope not long in the future. So long, ah yao, if you are reading this. J

“I would continue standing strong even when the whole world gives up on me.”

p/s: Thank you, Mommy for coming here and help me clean the apartment. :) HEHEHE, now i feel more like staying at home instead of venturing around.

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