Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why your blog all essay one?

All the title said, some of my long-term blog reader (Thank you very much... :D ) started to realise this fact. It has been 5 years since I first started to blog. 5 years ago I was still Form 2, a naive little girl who just wanted to start a trend in the school, so I just create it for fun. I don't even know what these stuff was, but just did it for the sack of initiating a plan and doing something not much people of my age are doing that time.
( plan did work. Soon, many new blogs around pop out :p )
My post on Doggie Fashion Show(The stupid dog which ran away)

My post used to be very funny, animated and loaded with photos. It was easy and nice to read. Until one day, I read in another blog, the blogger said, she wanted blog real stuff, stuff that express her thoughts, instead of just photos and captions all the way. Cause for us, blog is like a memory keeper, to be more exact, thoughts keeper. She said, "...When I am old next time and look back at my old posts, I do not want to see just bimbotic photos and lame jokes. It was fun, yes, but might as well I open my photo albums in computer to look back at those photos."

post on Uses of Papaya Tree. (I know this is super lame)

It was so true. When i look back at what I wrote when i was at this age, I want to know what exactly was I thinking. Not just photos. I could post the photos in other places in facebook, flickr and other social networks if i wanted to share them. If I just wanted to keep them as memory, I might as well just click on the "library" to see them...

Since then, I have decided to do so too. I write down my thoughts instead of posting silly photos, which i always post in facebook already. no point posting the same photos at 2 same places.

So, why your blog all essay one? I hope you get the answer. :)

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missviolet said...

I actually realized just the same thing a few weeks ago. I don't have much time to blog, or actually most of the time I'm just too lazy. MY previous posts were silly photos as well. But this year I actually wanna try my best to blog real things... And upon reading this post, I knew I was right! thanks for reminding me what blogging is about! oh, and I'll start following you =)