Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny thing to be observed

When I first went to college, I wasn't so keen on taking photos, i mean, being in the photos. I do not know why, maybe it's because of the "down-to-earth" culture i've been brought up with. (aha, lols, down to earth *rolls eyes*) Though the hidden, deep passion in photography (and the least time devoted to it T-T), i like taking photos and observe how people in them are reacting.

When we were in secondary school, our photos are very naive-looking. It's like we can totally ignore our stupid hairstyles and braces, and take that single photo, just for the memories.

But when i come to college, i starting to realise how big the difference is with the people here. Ok, maybe not all, but many, hell lots of them are behaving like this. It's when i was doing a photo-shooting session with a group of "great" peoples. yeap, they are great in fact. They actually talk about which angle, which side of the face, which pose, which smile and bilibala all those stuffs. And not just stopped at talking, they actually do it. For example, your face looks better on the right side, head tilted at 30 degree to the right, hands on your waist, legs bend .... imagine that, doesnt that feels very familiar? And after you know your best pose, you MUST pose like that in every single picture, no matter with who, you must!!! stand on the right side, just because your right side looks nicer. and if 5 of your buddies all have the right side looking better, you all stand with your right face towards the lenses. Good try for individual, but no offence, i think it's kinda silly especially when we are browsing through your facebook album, all the 100 photos, you have 100 of EXACTLY the same smile, pose and face photo. That's...wood.

Well, it's good to take nice photos. But isn't it better if you can just be you in it. Photos are taken to keep that moment forever in your memories through the photos.
It's impossible to have the same expression and feelings and thoughts every single moment of your life in front of the camera right? So, what's with the cloned poses? People might as well cut and paste the picture of "you" in every photo right?

Don't know why, i suddenly have the urge to write this after seeing one of my Sarawak friend starting to have that disease. It's definitely easier to observe people whom you have grown up with.

Just passed my 18th birthday!!! Phew finally. I'm finally at legal age. :D
Havent been celebrating birthdays with friends since very very long time ago. The last time i remember doing so was during primary 3. LOLS.
So, here's the great buddies who celebrate with me this year.
p/s: Thanks for the pressies. didnt expect them though. :)


40 said...

why ur friends din put some cream on ur face?too nice la ur friends....

Christine said...

cause i'm nice to them. :D