Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gift - Cecelia Ahern

Just isolated myself this whole day to finish up this book, havent read a good book for quite a while now. I always adore the way Cecelia writes. And if you are wondering what to do around this time of the year to kill time, do consider buying yourself a copy from mph/times. Defnitely worth a good read. :D

Ever wonder what to give to your loved ones during this seasons of jolly? This book is about the Christmas gift.
It's about a gift from a homeless man to a successful and rich young man who had everything. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise here so any of you interested might as well read it yourself. It's really very interesting.

But I had learnt lots of lessons from this book. A man's tale is a lesson for another. :) The main character Lou Stuffern somehow reflect many of us, including myself on how we ought to act in our daily lives. We only know about work work work and more work. Or for students, keep studying. There's nothing wrong about it, cause if you dont work/study, you cant earn a living. But dont you think we are too obsessed about it sometimes that we missed out all the other parts of the life we SHOULD treasure instead?
God did not create us to work. God created us to live a life for Him. :)

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