Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy CNY

I hope it's not too late yet. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Chu 5 today. :)

This CNY has been somewhat adventurous. I had been travelling a looottt.... From Selangor back to Miri to Sibu and to Daro. All the flights, long hours of car rides and boat rides are indeed very tiring. But, it's worth it i guess. I was hesitant to go Daro in the first place because of the travelling time. Hadn't been there since 3 years ago, i think. But, thanks to my super welcoming and warm Grandparents, uncles and cousins there, it turn out to be superb, "educational" and definitely, "eye-opening". Harvested bird nest, visit a "dreamy" farm in Daro while enjoying the fresh air I'd longed for since i reach selangor. (Oh man..the air here is seriously polluted compare to Daro.) Very memorable trip indeed.
And in Sibu, my siblings and in laws which i missed so much and I were practically playing citadel!! and mahjong all the time. It's seriously an addictive game.
In Miri, I followed a whole gang of great buddies from secondary school visitings. A record number of 14 houses per day. :D it was very fun indeed..and Thank God, this year no one shove too much carbonated drinks and junk food in our mouth.
So, here I am back here. Ready for the upcoming college days, trials and exams!!! (Look at the pile of homework, projects and notes... I finally feel stress after so long. HAHA It's a good thing, at least i get motivated)

May the Rabbit Year be another fantastic one. :)

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