Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two ships to be boarded, which will you go?

I admit, I'm a person who get influenced by my environment very much. It's like whenever i reach a place, i can switch personality imediately or when i meet certain group of people, i can switch too. But it's not the "bad" type of switching, like back-stabbing or two headed snake. I just change. It's good in way such that, I can easily adapt to a place. I dont get culture shock. And in fact, i enjoy changes.

And recently, there seems to be many people asking me about this "relationships" type of stuff: Have boyfriend already? When wanna find boyfriend? Why so sad?
The problem is, I AM NOT SAD WITHOUT ONE. Not that I'm try to proclaim that I DONT NEED GUYS. Yes, i enjoy the company of guys, the way they think is certainly very different from what we girls always thought of. Enjoyed hanging out with them. It's like...they are protecting you somehow. And the stuffs they do and talk about, sometimes, it's just so funny in their ways that girls, if we were talking among ourselves, it would never seem funny. And i have mention this many times actually. I didnt have any plan of find one now cause, I'm still changing, as in DRASTIC changes to my personality. Even after days, i could transform to be a person you totally dont know. So imagine I start a relationship now with this personality, then after a few days, i changed again, the guy would have been unable to accept it, then we'll just have to end it the sad way. Then both side got hurt. Then, :(

That's why, I definitely love having BOY-friends instead of boyfriend.

Having a relationship is to prepare a couple into marriage. Marriage is a very special gift from God, a special bondage between a man and a woman, which no other types of relationships in this world could replace. The love between them, though can't be put side-by-side with God's divine love for human, is just miraculously awesome. That's why, since the age of caveman, love of man and woman has been given such attention and priority. If you're not prepared for a mature and long-lasting relationship or not prepared for a marriage, what's the point of being in a relationship?

All the statements like: we must enjoy the relationships, we must have lots of relationships to find the right one, etc etc. I know about this questions as I have ponder about it before, again and again for so long. Though, I would not go into it in detail now. All i can say is, it's not necessary. Not long ago, i just asked a facilitator of my bible study group, Chun Chung about all these questions. Well according to him, It's not necessary either. (Thanks Chun Chung for all the experiences you've told us. I love bible study very much. :) )
I can't force everyone to accept my view. Though, i think it's better, at least for me, to be enjoying the privilege of socializing with anyone i like rather then indulging myself in a special type of relationship which in case i did, I can't just simply mix around as I do when i am single.

Losing a friend due to relationship thing is the most unworthy thing on earth. I used to dont give a damn about friendships stuff, however, i learn about investing material stuffs and time in friends for the sake of nothing that caused me to view FRIENDS in a different way. It's the time they spend together, it's the special thing. but something happened recently that made me feel that, if I have to go through "losing a friend due to relationship" again, please, just kill me. I feel like stabbing myself for even ALLOWING that to happen. What was I thinking seriously? Though, what has been done, is done. All I can do is pray for the sun to rise again after storm. (Though i will stop being emo and sobbish about that, maybe you dont understand what i was crapping about in the last paragraph, but in case you do, it's just crap, dont have to mind about it.)

Though it may be my fault that incident happened. Cause again, God answered my prayer. I prayed not long ago for something. Then, it just happened, as I prayed. I dont know I should be happy about it or not. But, I felt so blessed that, stuff I prayed for are actually listened and answered, AGAIN. Acknowledgement for God is definitely not to be missed. Thank God.

Well, those are just my opinions and experiences. How about yours? What's your opinion?
When it comes to relationship and friendship, which ship would you board?


Sam Liew said...

"thumbs up"

maya said...

hmmp its a good ability to mix up with the scene. many people want to be like u but they can't. i really wish u happy life forever.
take care