Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Note: I'm writing all these "value-related" post recently, not to condemn anyone, but just a reminder for myself, so whenever i look back next time, I would perhaps be reminded of something about it. :)

Speaking about core value, this is something my mentor for CAL spoke about on the very first day of this programme: RESPECT. I dont really get what he mean that time, (maybe i still dont now). I mean we listen to this word this pre-kindergarten. We were told to respect our parents, our teachers, our siblings, elders, our friends and even little animals. Respect this, respect that, We were told to respect EVERYTHING.


We weren't told why should we respect people. (Ok, maybe you did, but no one told me)

Respect, as defined on WordWeb: The condition of being honoured (esteemed, weel-regarded); an attitude of admiration.

We will encounter people from all walks in our life. Some worthy of our respect and maybe some don't. It is easy, when we are asked to respect people of high ranks like prime minister, pastors, principals and many others. It is easy to respect our parents, our grandparents or any artists or star sport-players. But when asked to respect people like burglars, robbers, thieves, rapist and criminals, it may be a bit difficult to do so. But what i wanted to talk about here is, respect for our acquaintances and friends in daily life.

It's ok to tease and joke about our friends. Relationships without some jokes will only be boring and mundane. But we must know our boundaries. Talk with respect. Joke with respect also. Know where your boundaries are.

When you are complaining that your friends are craps, they don't respect you, please, think:
  • Are you WORTHY of being respect?
  • Are your deeds and words, portray you as a person who deserved to be respect? To be recognized?
If you dont give a damn about all these, then never complain that you are NOT RESPECTED as who you are or as a human. It just plainly mean that you would let your ego be trash anyhow others like. If you want some respect, then be someone who deserves it.

Just to end this short post, I would like to share this quote:
We must not demand for recognition, but work to be worthy of recognition. - Lincoln.

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